Happy Father’s Day 2017

Today, June 18, 2017 is Father’s Day in the United States.   On this day, the third Sunday of June, we honor our fathers, all men that are fathers and all men that help in any way with children.   Father’s Day had been celebrated for several years, but was not a National Holiday until 1972.   Many were afraid of attempts to commercialize the day.   However, in 1972 President Richard Nixon signed into law the official National Holiday of Father’s Day, to be celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June.

Happy Father’s Day

We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day.

Happy National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Today, June 17 is National Eat Your Vegetables Day.   We ducks remind you humans that eating vegetables is important for good health.   We also remind you that they taste good, also.

National Eat Your Vegetables Day

But, we know humans like desserts, so it is good for everybody that today, June 17, is also National Apple Strudel Day.   Apple Strudel is a wonderfully delicious German dessert with apples.

National Apple Strudel Day

We love it.   We will eat some today, after our vegetables.   We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, hope you all enjoy some vegetables and some Apple Strudel today.   Yum!  As usual we obtain our national holiday information from http://www.NationalDayCalendar.com

The Dubai Museum

Let’s go to the oldest building in Dubai.   Al Fahidi Fort was built in 1787 and in 1971 became the main museum in Dubai.

Dubai Museum

As we approached Dubai Museum, a stop to admire this traditional boat was appreciated.

Traditional boat

As proof that this was a fort used to guard the landward approaches to the town from the raids of neighboring tribes, we spotted a canon and cannonballs.

Canon with canon balls

Before entering the museum we wandered around the courtyard.   This well intrigued us.

Well in courtyard of museum

Isn’t is impressive?  Time for us to enter Dubai Museum.

Going inside

After descending the spiral stairs we find ourselves on a path viewing dioramas of life in Dubai, before oil.   Today the museum is very crowded, so Chanel and I must stay in our traveling bags.   This man builds and fixes things.

He worked with these tools

See his tools at the front of the picture?   This man is teaching and the students are reading.   They all sit on the floor.

Studying and teaching

A very necessary person in any society, the tailor is busy at his sewing machine.

The tailor

These are traditional costumes.  We love the bright color of her dress.   And, of course, the gold around her neck.

Traditional customs

Continuing on the path we encounter these men building a boat, or a dhow.

Building a boat

Before oil, pearls were a major economic force.   The pearl diver is searching underwater.   This was a very difficult and dangerous job.   You may notice that the diver is not wearing oxygen tanks.

Diving for pearls

Nets are always needed and always need repairing.

Making nets

Here we see how the inside of a Bedouin tent looked.

Inside of Bedouin tent

We saw skeletons from the archaeological site in Al Qusais area that goes back to 3000 B.C.   The items in this room are from archaeological finds of Al Qusais.


Although the museum was very crowded, we enjoyed seeing how life in Dubai was before the discovery of oil.   Our moms did not want to go into the gift shop, but we did see what was offered from this view.

Gift shop

They said we will have time for shopping another day.   Maybe we will visit some of the other souks we heard about.   That would be fun also.

Dubai’s Picturesque Heritage Area of Bastakia with Zeb and Chanel

Pearl boats sailed from Dubai, divers submerged and searched for the elusive pearls.   The people of the pearl industry lived here in the Baslakiya quarter.   Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear visited this picturesque heritage area.

Heritage area of Bastakia

This area of Dubai was established in the late 1800’s, by pearl traders and well-to-do textile traders from Bastak, Iran.   There are also many galleries and restaurants in this area, but we were eating elsewhere today.   This was just a stop to explore and see old Dubai, before oil and all the oil wealth changed things.   Here were learned what the inside of a Bedouin tent probably looked like.

Simulation of interior of Bedouin tent

The Bedouin people are nomadic, so they need to be able to move easily.   We like this tent area.   We can even imagine camels nearby.  Originally the walls were built with coral.   Later they were covered with plaster.

Walls were made of coral

Here some of the plaster has been removed and we can see the coral.   We like the coral.   It does get very hot here, in the desert during the summer.   This, a wind tower, was the original air conditioning.

Wind tower–original air conditioning

The tower was open on all 4 sides.  The wind came in and was forced downward.   Often the open areas were covered with wet cloth.   The wet air cooled the living space.   This seems rather similar to some coolers, used in the United States for cooling in areas of low humidity.   The buildings were tall and the walkways or alleys were narrow.

Narrow alley walkways

This provides shade during the heat of the day.   When we were there, in February, the temperatures in the 70’s and low 80’s were comfortable.   According to our iphones, the temperatures are consistently in the 100’s now.   Shade was be needed.   Look at these old, heavy and very ornate doors.

Heavy ornate doors

Aren’t they wonderful?   We spotted this door, partly open.

Open door

We would never go inside or even peek into someone’s home, but this shows that the homes consist of long, narrow rooms.   Wandering through Bastakia, looking down the narrow alleys, we see modern Dubai.

Looking through the old to see the new

What a contrast!   We found this mural by Ruben Sanchez.

Mural by Ruben Sanchez

Nearby we spotted these words, Respect, Dignity and Giving.

Good motto

That seems to be a theme and ideal around the world.   Here is the coin museum.

Coins Museum

It was closed, but this old building became the coin museum in 2004.   It houses over 470 rare coins.   It is believed that some of the coins are from the time of Mohammad.   Chanel and I liked this resting place, so we decided to rest.

Peaceful area to rest

This is lovely and peaceful.   You will notice that Dubai Creek, a main waterway through the city is right here, by Bastakia.

Dubai Creek is right here.

Our guide, Tariq, says it is time to get back on the bus and see something else in Dubai.   I wonder we will go next.


Zeb and Chanel Go Shopping in Dubai

Back on the bus.   We hurry as we don’t want to be left behind.   But it is hard to leave the beach–even when hazy.   Oh, we are going shopping now?   OK   Let’s go.   Entering Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

Entering Souk Madinat Jumeirah

This looks new and pretty fancy.   Near the entrance arch, we can see Burj Arab.

Burj Arab, still hazy

We just left that beach.   Inside the souk, we see many things that we do not see at the Denver, Colorado malls.   These are great shoes.

Fancy shoes

Our moms look, but no new shoes coming with us.   This is my new friend.

I love meeting new friends

He is selling more things we do not often see at home.   Mom and I go to antique shops at home and we think this store looks very interesting.

Sindbad Antiques

But, after walking around more of this area, we realize we are out of time.   The bus is taking us to our hotel, The Hyatt Regency.

Hyatt Regency Hotel

We are near Dubai Creek in the Deira area of Dubai.   That is a revolving restaurant at the top of our Hyatt.   Chanel the Bear, and I, Zeb the Duck, took our moms there one evening.

We ate here. Loved it!

The food was great, the views suburb and we had a lovely evening.   But, our human moms forgot to take pictures of us.   What to do with those humans?  Entering the Hyatt Regency we loved all the red roses.

I love red roses

The lobby is decorated with many fresh flowers and thousands of small lights.

Festive lobby

It seemed so festive for a small bear and a rubber duck.   I love spiral staircases.

Spiral staircase and a boat. I love it!

And I especially loved this ship.

Our hotel has a shopping arcade, and do you know what else?   We have an ice skating rink in our hotel.

Ice skating rink in our hotel. And a snack bar.

Our hotel has a roof top pool.

Roof top pool

The roof top restaurant would be a perfect place for Chanel and I to have lunch.   However, the humans were too busy trying to see many things in Dubai.   Nice to know that they are ready if we want dinner and it gets a little cool.

It does get cool in the desert.

This hotel, and all of Dubai, seem to be ready for anything.

Always prepared

Aren’t these flowers and large pots beautiful?


We really like the Hyatt Regency and Dubai is fascinating.