Oak Alley Plantation with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Let’s visit a southern plantation.   Taking a bus from New Orleans to the plantation, we pass such pretty land.

Driving from New Orleans to Oak Alley Plantation

This wooded area is rather wet.   Can see water quite often among the trees   I, Zeb the Duck, think this is bayou country.   And the level of the Mississippi River is high now.  Here we are.

Here we are

This place has beautiful grounds.   And this sign has more historical information.

A great history

This tree is Crape Myrtle.

Crape Myrtle tree

Crape Myrtle was introduced in the United States in the late 1780’s, from China.   This unique tree has a trunk that exhibits exfoliating bark, exposing smooth, satin like surfaces.   The scientific name is Lagerstroemia indica.   We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, love flowering trees.   A couple rows of small houses were slave quarters.

Slaves quarters

Each side of the building was used by a slave family.   Antoine, a slave gardener, was on this plantation.

Antoine the Gardener and pecans

He was very talented and his talent was recognized and used.   We now grow paper shell pecans and they are not only very tasty, but easy to crack open.   Thanks to Antoine.  During free time, slaves were allowed to raise some vegetables and chickens.   These were for the personal use of slaves, or could be sold for extra income.

Slaves raised chickens for extra money

The slaves did not have much space or much time, so during the day the children of slaves tended the chickens, feeding and gathering eggs.   At night the chickens were put in coops to protect them from fox and other animals.  The slave quarters were very interesting.   Each side of the building had items used by the slaves and great information on the life of the slaves.   Like most places, we could have used more time.   Walking to the front of the property, we admired this long walkway.

Formal entrance to plantation house

The live oak trees form a canopy over the sidewalk.   From the sidewalk we admire the trees.

Trees on ground form new roots

We were told new roots form where the trees touch the ground.   Such grand old trees.

Plantation house

Leading us right to the plantation.   We were called for our tour, but also told no photos allowed inside the plantation home.   The tour was nice and our guide, Shannon, was wonderful.   From the balcony we were allowed to take pictures.

Front entrance from balcony

The front walk is impressive from this view.

Side lawn from balcony

A side lawn has a picturesque bridge.   Another side offers views of flowering trees.

Side lawn with flowering trees

We love the beautiful green lawns and vegetation.   On our way out we visited the gift shop and purchased some treats with pecans.   They were delicious.  This plantation is beautiful and we are glad we came here.


Charles Avenue Streetcar and Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans

Charles Avenue Streetcar is the oldest continuously operating streetcar in the world.   It began in 1835 as a horse drawn streetcar, was electrified in 1893 and we are going to ride it today.

Here is the famous Charles Avenue Streetcar

This streetcar, Charles Avenue Streetcar, was the inspiration for the Tennessee Williams play, A Streetcar Named Desire.   The play opened on Broadway December 3, 1947.  Charles Avenue is famous for beautiful homes belonging to the elite of New Orleans. Let’s see some houses.

Nice house. Second floor balcony

We liked this one, especially the second floor balcony.


Many buildings are now public use, museums and universities.   Families live here also.

Entrance to playground

Nice playground here for young humans.  Another large, attractive home.

Nice house

Tan is a good color.   Many of the homes are all white, so this is a nice change.

Loyola University

This is the New Orleans branch of Loyola University.   Here is the site of Gilbert Academy, New Orleans University.

Gilbert Academy

One of only a few, Black Educational Institutions, under the auspices of the Methodist church, from 1873-1949.  Palmer Park looks nice.

Palmer Park

There is so much to see on Charles Avenue.    But all good things must end.   We rode the streetcar to the end of the line and are now back where we started.  All passengers must exit now.

Charles Avenue Streetcar leaving

We enjoyed our ride on the Charles Avenue Streetcar.   Well, let’s find some food.   Heading back to Bourbon Street, we want to eat at Pat O’Brien’s.

Pat O’Brien’s is a popular place

A lot of people have the same idea.  Since we will be ordering a meal, we are seated in this area.

Area for dining

This seating area is closest to the kitchen.   Our food was delicious.   Humans ate rather taking pictures of us with their meals.   After eating we walked through the large outdoor patio for enjoying beverages and appetizers.

Huge patio for socializing with a few beverages

We loved this display.

So beautiful

New Orleans is so much fun.   Many things to see and do, constant music, delicious food and great weather for enjoying outdoor dining.   We hope you visit New Orleans soon and enjoy a variety of activities, relax and have fun.

Colorado Traveling Ducks Enjoy Paddleboat on the Mississippi River and Dinner with a Ghost

Walking along the Mississippi River, we really wanted to get on a boat and head out.  Moms kept saying not now, but today they bought tickets.   We are on a steamboat with a paddle wheel.

Looking at bridge over Mississippi River

Steamboat Natchez is docked right across from our hotel.   We can hear the boat music from our rooms.   Now we are looking at one of several bridges over the Mississippi River.   We didn’t want lunch on the boat.

Sitting on deck watching New Orleans

We want to stay on deck and see everything.   Lovely looking at New Orleans from this boat.

St. Louis Cathedral from our riverboat

Recognize this?   We like the view of St. Louis Cathedral from Steamboat Natchez.    It is a beautiful day to be on deck on the Mississippi River.  We are not alone.

Military ship, Cape Kennedy, patrolling Mississippi River

This military ship, Cape Kennedy, patrols the Mississippi River.  This is a major waterway and there is much commercial traffic on the river.

Lots of commercial traffic on Mississippi River

Many boats deliver materials and products up and down the river.   This is nice.

Nice house to live by the river

Living near the bank of the Mississippi River, a short distance from New Orleans.   Isn’t this a beautiful home with perfect views of the river?   We enjoyed our afternoon cruise on the Mississippi River.   Such a beautiful day and a great way to relax and soak up the atmosphere.  After our cruise, we wandered in the area and then went to sit by the river.

Paddleboat on Mississippi River with more tourists.

Our steamboat Natchez was going out for a later cruise.   It looks so nice, and now so familiar.   Last night we took a Haunted History Tour of the French Quarter.   Drew, our guide, told us about Muriel’s restaurant and we decided to return for dinner tonight.   The grand opening of this restaurant was going well, until the ghost appeared and began throwing plates and other objects.   Guests fled and the restaurant was in danger of closing before its second evening of business.   The owners called the ghost and an agreement was reached.   The restaurant would continue and there would always be a special table set for the ghost whenever ghost and friend would like to arrive for dinner.   Arriving at Muriel’s, we first asked to see the table for the ghost.

Always reserved

Very nice.  Interesting chandelier, also.   They even have another door with window looking onto Chartres Street.   No ghost eating now.   We were seated, ordered and enjoyed a delicious dinner.   Soapy and his mom had a vegetable curry dish.   Mom and I had blackened redfish fresh from the Gulf of Mexico.   Each meal was accompanied by popcorn rice.   A wonderful dinner.   After dinner we returned to the table reserved for the ghost.

Set for special guest

As you can see, the ghost was not hungry tonight.  Nothing had been eaten.   Not even a nibble from the bread.    And the wine had not been touched either.   Leaving Muriel’s and looking back, the atmosphere with the mist from the Mississippi seemed to invite ghostly creatures.

Muriel’s for dinner

Perhaps they will come for a late dinner.   We enjoyed our day in New Orleans.   When you visit we recommend a river cruise and dinner at Muriel’s.   Many great experiences will make for many great memories of New Orleans.

Bourbon Street Late Afternoon in New Orleans with Zeb and Soapy Duck

Can we ride in the horse carriage?

Horse Carriage

Moms said yes.   We love slow horse carriage rides.   And we see more.   This is a great way to see New Orleans.

From horse carriage

Going down these narrow streets is fun.  Our guide and driver told us wonderful stories about New Orleans and the French Quarter. We rode for about 30 minutes and we loved it.   But when we got off, Soapy’s mom wasn’t ready to leave the horse.

Such a nice horse

She and the horse had a few moments to bond.  We ducks loved the horse too, but we kept our distance.   We walked a few blocks back to Bourbon Street.   Our moms don’t drink and my mom doesn’t like the dark, so we went late in the afternoon.  **We ate at Cornet Restaurant; sitting on the balcony we had a great view of Bourbon Street.

From Cornet Restaurant

We ordered two different sampler platters.  Those moms started eating before photos.   Oh well, it was all delicious.  Looking from our table, we saw the silver man.

Silver Man

There was also a gold man.  And people walking down the street with great costumes.

Waking in costume

If you didn’t want to eat at a restaurant, Lucky Dogs cart was near.

Lucky Dogs cart

We saw these carts several places in New Orleans.   Our drivers said they were good, but there were too many other restaurants we wanted to try.    After dinner, we planned on walking along Bourbon Street and enjoy all the street entertainment.   But…

Rain on Bourbon Street

The clouds started coming in.   The the wind got stronger.   Soon it was raining on Bourbon Street.   After the rain stopped we found Rev Zombie’s VooDoo shop.

Rev Zombie’s VooDoo Shop

There was really great stuff inside.   We signed up for 5 in 1 Tour by Haunted History Tours.   Drew was our guide and he was great.   Very informative and he is a wonderful story teller.   We didn’t see ghosts, but the history and ghost stories were really fun.  Tour ended a few blocks from our hotel, so we walked home.   Remember we mentioned awhile ago the in New Orleans we heard music everywhere.   This sign shows how much they really love the music.


Another fabulous time in New Orleans.

Jackson Square in New Orleans with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Let’s go to historic Jackson Square.   The backdrop of Jackson Square is St. Louis Cathedral.

Jackson Square with St. Louis Cathedral

This cathedral was designated as a Minor Basilica by Pope Paul VI on December 9, 1964.   We entered the cathedral, but were very quiet.

Inside St. Louis Cathedral

Mass was held at this time.   We stayed in the back, didn’t speak, and didn’t use flash on the camera.   Isn’t this a beautiful cathedral?   We think it is magnificent.   In front of St. Louis Cathedral is a bronze statue of Major General Andrew Jackson.

Major General Andrew Jackson

During the Spanish rule, from 1762 to 1803, this plaza was Plaza de Armas.

Plaza de Armas

However, after the Battle of New Orleans, the plaza was renamed Jackson Square and the bronze statue was placed here.   This plaza became a National Historic Landmark in 1960 for its central role in the city’s history.   This is where, in 1803, Louisiana became a US territory, pursuant to the Louisiana Purchase.  We returned here on Saturday and enjoyed the art fair held near the cathedral.   Soapy’s mom purchased some art and it was shipped to them in Colorado.  Across the street we saw this sign.

New Orleans is 300 years old

NOLA means New Orleans Louisiana.   The city is 300 years old now.   Up the stairs we saw this cannon announcing we were now in Washington Artillery Park.

Cannon with Mississippi River behind

The Mississippi River is right here.   A paddle wheel river boat is here also.   Turning the other direction, we admire St. Louis Cathedral.

From Washington Artillery Park

Behind the cannon we see Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral and horse carriages on the street.   The French Quarter of New Orleans is pretty.   And we are having fun.   How about a snack now?

Cafe du Monde

Cafe du Monde is famous in New Orleans.   This sign explains why.

Cafe du Monde

So, we order a plate of beignets.


When we told our friends we were coming to New Orleans, they all said be sure to come here for beignets.   So here we are.   There sure is a lot of powdered sugar on the beignets and all over the plate.   There were good, but mom thought they had too much powdered sugar.   Soapy’s mom thought they were great, just the way they came.    Leaving Cafe du Monde, we enjoyed the music and entertainers.

Entertainers at Cafe du Monde

We went back to Washington Artillery Park for a better photo view.   New Orleans has music everywhere.   It is really nice here.

New Orleans by Bus with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

We rode our Hop On Hop Off bus for parts of two days.

Hop On Hop Off Bus

Come with us and we will show you some of New Orleans.   New Orleans has one of the best, if not the best, World War II museum.

National World War II Museum

There are several buildings and plans to add more.   Then the Ogden Museum.

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

This is a museum of Southern Art.   New Orleans is famous for its Mardi Gras celebration the week before Ash Wednesday.   But it really begins much earlier.   There are several old homes with balconies.

Many building with balconies

During the many parades of Mardi Gras, beads are thrown from the floats.

Mardi Gras beads

Many of these beads are still draped over the wrought iron on the balconies.   Unexpectedly we found this restaurant which is part of the original restaurant on top of the Eiffel Tower from Paris, France.

Eiffel Tower restaurant

Until 1981 this restaurant catered to the elite on top of Paris’s Eiffel Tower.   Restoration in 1981 required this restaurant to be taken down and replaced with a smaller and lighter restaurant.   This one was taken apart and stored in freighters.  John Onorio and Daniel Bonnot paid to ship the restaurant to New Orleans, where it was rebuilt on St. Charles Avenue.   The restaurant has since had a few owners and is now used as an event space.  This statue of Joan of Arc also has a history.

Joan of Arc statue at French Market

This statue spend many years in storage, final being unveiled in 1972.  Joan stood outside the International Trade Mart until 1999.  When a casino purchased the property Joan was kicked out.   But she found a new home at the French Market, got a fresh coat of gold and a new guided pennant.  And we all love her now.    During the American Civil War, Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederate States of America.

House where Jefferson Davis died

This is the house where he died on December 6, 1889.   Shopping in New Orleans is fun.

Fleurty Girl. Popular store.

This popular store, Fleurty Girl, had many interesting and unusual items.    Be sure to check it out when you are in New Orleans.   And here is Manning’s.


A few blocks from the Mississippi River and close to the French Quarter, Manning’s is of interest to football fans.  Manning’s opened in 2012.  The restaurant and sports bar were created by Harrah’s Casino and Archie Manning.  Archie Manning, a 12 year quarterback with the New Orleans Saints football team, was voted New Orleans most popular athlete.   On display are items from Archie’s career and also the careers of his sons, Peyton and Eli, both NFL quarterbacks.   Peyton Manning ended his career here in Denver as quarterback of the Denver Broncos football team.   It was a hot day in New Orleans, so we hopped off the bus and entered the aquarium, located along the Mississippi River.   We watched an IMAX movie about South Sea Coral Reefs.   It was great, but we want to show you the lobby.

Jelly fish in aquarium

These hanging sculptures are fun.   The jelly fish are made from trash removed from the ocean.

Jelly fish in Aquarium

Even closer, this jelly fish looks great.

In aquarium

And not just jelly fish were featured.   Isn’t it great that organizations are pulling plastic and other items from the ocean and doing something wonderful?   We think so.   Today we wanted to show you that whatever you like, you will probably find it in New Orleans and a lot of new, unexpected things also.   This is a fabulous city.

New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetery Number One with Zeb and Soapy

We are ready.   We have our tickets.   We are at the Basin Street Station information center.   The tour is about to begin.   Saint Louis Cemetery Number One is the oldest and most famous cemetery in New Orleans.   It opened in 1789.

Colorado Traveling Ducks with our guide

At the entrance with our guide, we are ready to enter.   So many.

One tomb may be for many family members

These tombs are large and close together.   One claims to have remains of more than 80 human family members.   All tombs are above ground.  Remember, New Orleans is below sea level and located on the Mississippi River where the river meets the Gulf of Mexico.   Here is possibly the most famous grave in the cemetery, actually in the entire city.

Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau was the most famous voodoo priestess.

Marie Laveau

But she also attended the Roman Catholic Church.   That is why she is allowed to be buried here.   Her followers leave flowers and tokens of admiration.   You can see how the cemeteries arranged.

Rows of tombs

There are many rows, each with several tombs.  Here is an unusual situation.

Future home of Nicholas Cage

This pyramid has been purchased, but there is no body here.   The American actor, Nicholas Cage, likes New Orleans and this is his tomb.   He purchased this in 2010 and when he dies he wishes to be buried here.   Some of you may recognize this one.

Large. Was in a movie

This tomb was used in a Hollywood movie.  I’m not sure which movie, but maybe Easy Rider.   This tomb reminds us that this cemetery is really old.

Old tombs

This one has places for many human remains.

Places for many

Each in a separate tomb.   Looks like more than one human buried here.

Homer Plessy

One of them, Homer Plessy, was the plaintiff for the landmark 1896 Plessy v Ferguson Supreme Court decision on civil rights.   There is so much history here in the cemetery.   Our cemetery tour was very interesting and our guide was wonderful.   Back at the information center, we rest on this decorative coffin.

Decorative coffin

We get back on the tourist bus.

Soapy’s mom on bus with cemetery in background

Soapy’s mom is here with the Saint Louis Cemetery Number One in the background.   Due to vandalism, people can only visit with a tour guide.   Relatives may apply for special passes.   Visit a cemetery.   It is really interesting.

Colordo Traveling Ducks Visit New Orleans, Louisiana

This summer, I, Zeb the Duck, Soapy Smith Duck and our moms flew to New Orleans.   This was our first time in New Orleans. We stayed at French Market Inn.   We were in the French Quarter, across the street from the Mississippi River.   Let’s look at our hotel.   It is old brick.   We have a courtyard.

Doorway on left goes upstairs to our room

There is a small swimming pool, but we are too busy seeing New Orleans to swim.

Close to the street, but quiet in here.

These narrow passages offer protection from the intense New Orleans sunshine.   From our second floor room, we look out our window.

View from my room

Soapy and his mom have a similar view from their room.   This is so much more peaceful than looking at the street.   Let’s walk a little and maybe eat lunch.

The Gazebo Cafe. Love it!

The Gazebo Cafe offered outside seating and musicians performing.   What to order?   The New Orleans Sampler.

Our first New Orleans meal

It was so good, the humans starting eating before the photo.   We have red beans and rice, gumbo and jambalaya.   These are typical and famous New Orleans food items.   And they are delicious.  We are next to the French Market.   This was once the great bazaar and pulsing commercial heart for New Orleans.

French Market food stalls

Now is it bustling with tourists, like us.   The food stalls smell wonderful.   We did sample some on a later visit.   Tastes as good as it smells.

French Market souvenirs

Wandering through the souvenir area of the French Market is fun also.   It is pretty hot, so the humans bought tickets for the Hop On Hop Off tourist bus.

Hop on Hop Off tourist bus

Riding around New Orleans we smile at the VooDoo Mart.

Voo Doo Mart

That just seems so New Orleans.   And look at this Holiday Inn.

Holiday Inn with huge clarinet

We love the huge clarinet on the building.   New Orleans has music everywhere.   Jazz is famous in New Orleans.   Wow.

Mercedes Benz Superdome

Look at the Mercedes Benz Superdome.   We see this on TV during our football season.   The football arena is covered, so the Super Bowl Football game is often played here.   Many years ago, our Denver Broncos played here in a Super Bowl Game.   Now we are at Basin Street Station for our tour bus.

Basin Street Station and information center

This is also an information center.   Next to this building is a famous cemetery.   We bought tickets for a cemetery tour and we will take you there next time.   We are liking New Orleans.