Bali’s Taman Ayun Temple with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Let’s visit Taman Ayun Temple.

Taman Ayun Temple

Built in 1634, Taman Ayun Temple was a main temple of the Mengwi Kingdom, which survived until 1891.   According to Lonely Planet, this is a spacious place to wander around, away from crowds.   And we agree.   To enter this Hindu temple complex, your legs must be covered.

Must be covered to enter

A few of our group, including our guide, were wearing shorts.   The temple provides complimentary sarongs for men and women so we could all enter.   Properly attired, we climb the stairs and pass through this gate.

Through gate

This is a meru, or multitiered shrine.

Meru. A multitiered shrine

Very elegant.  And a large temple.


We are instructed to go around this building to see the moat and more of the complex.

Around temple to moat

Very nice.   As we walk, we ducks admire the foliage.

Nice flowers

Aren’t these interesting blossoms?  And another view.

Temple complex

Notice that there are not many tourists here.   Time to wander, take photos and enjoy the serenity.


This complex is surrounded by a moat.  This is now part of subak, a complex rice-field irrigation system.   The masonry is beautiful.

Covered area. Great stone work

This covered area is available for gatherings.   We love this.

Interesting statue

With the water we enjoy the stone fish.  You can guess what this was used for.

Area for cock fights

The figures show this to be the arena for cock fights.   Isn’t this a pretty fountain?


We like it.    But everybody knows ducks love water.   Leaving Taman Ayun Temple complex, we discovered a modern use for the extensive moat system.

Fishing in the moat

Fishing on a warm afternoon seems to be a pastime enjoyed all over the world.   We recommend that you visit this temple when you are in Bali.   Beautiful and away from the crowds.


Bali’s Museum Puri Lukisan with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

Let’s visit Bali’s oldest art museum.

Museum Puri Lukisan

We walk through the ornate entrance and receive our entrance ticket from our guide.

Puri Lukisan Art Museum

This places beautiful.

Puri Lukian

Lovely, lush landscaping and such nice stairs and pathways.

Puri Lukisan

At the top of the first set of stairs we stop to admire this arbor and bridge over the lake.

Puri Lukisan

We follow a path along the water and fountain.  Puri Lukisan museum consists of four main exhibit buildings.  We will only show some art from one, the South Building.

South building

This building displays primarily new acquisitions and temporary exhibits.


This was an interesting sculpture.  But this.


We like colorful work.   This is rather timely for late October and early November.

Spirits of the Forest

Titled Spirits of the Forest by Satya Cipta, 2019.   This one reminds us of island life.   *676*


Remember, Bali is one of several thousand islands that comprise Indonesia.   That is all we are showing  you.   On display is a letter written to the Bali government from then, Attorney General, Robert Kennedy.   Mr. Kennedy thanked the government of Bali for hospitality and honors bestowed upon him and his wife during an official visit.   We really want you to visit Bali and experience this art museum.

Water lilies

After more exploring, we leave the exhibit and walk toward the pond.   Aren’t these water lilies fabulous?  Now we go down the stairs and get on our tour bus.   When in Bali, spend a little time here.  We think you will like it.  We did.

Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave in Bali with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Elephant Cave?  OK, our moms said no elephants here, so let’s see what is here.

Entering Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave

Walking past the shops, we are told that this was built in the 9th century and served as a sanctuary.

Path with steps down

Quite a long downward path with steps.   But pretty.

Pretty foliage as we descend to cave

We love the colors of the plants.   From the path, we have a good view of the area.

Looking down on complex

Stones are piled after being recovered in the area.  Pavilions for meeting and prayer.   We later read that these fountains were for women bathing.

Fountain of Youth

Someone told us these waters were to have fountain of youth properties, so everyone went to get some of that water.   Soapy’s mom is getting water to remain youthful now.   This is the entrance to the cave.

Entrance to Elephant Cave

Wow.   The carvings in the stone are so elaborate and detailed.   Inside the cave we looked at the alcoves for offerings.

Alcove for offering

Very nice, but we don’t know the real significance of these items.


There were about 8-10 alcoves.   All was very interesting.  Exiting the cave, we admired these items.

Part of religious retreat

This is a very quiet area and we were told may people come here to meditate.   The pavilion provides a place for prayer.


We could spend more time here, wandering in this peaceful area.   There are very few other tourists here now, so it is a pleasant location for meditating or thinking.   However, it is time to walk back up that path with steps.

After cave shopping opportunities

And a little time for shopping.   We have been fortunate in Bali.  Most of the temples were not crowded during our visit.   People are fine, but some quiet, peaceful time is nice on a long trip also.   We are very happy in Bali.

Bali’s Pura Tanah Lot, Sea Temple, with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Driving in Bali we saw rice fields.

Rice field

This lady is working.   Here is newly planted rice.

Newly planted rice

Rice is a major crop and dietary staple in Bali.   Today we are going to Pura Tanah Lot, or the Sea Temple.   This is a complex of Hindu Temples located on the sea.   Our bus parks and we are eager to see everything.   We enter the complex, walk along a path with many shops, heading for the sea.   But wait.

Soapy’s mom petting a snake

A snake?   And Soapy’s mom is petting the snake.

Big snake

That is a pretty big snake.   But the snake is welded and he tolerates we tourists very well.   Wow!   Love the view.

Going to the sea

We are going to the steps and then to the sea.


This is beautiful.   The lawn, temples and sea.

Temple with limited accessibility

Here is another temple.   But this one is only accessible during low tide.    Too late to go now.

Tide coming in

Just time for those in the temple to return to the mainland.

High tide now

The temple is isolated for now.   Bali is the only Hindu majority province in Indonesia.   About 83.5% of the population adhere to Balinese Hinduism.   You probably know that Indonesia is largely a Muslim country.  Wikipedia says Indonesia has the highest Muslim population of any country in the world.   But Bali is Hindu.  We saw no tension between people about religion.   Everything works smoothly and people are very welcoming and nice here.  This is a beautiful area.   We took many photos, but without feeling the sea breeze and hearing the pounding surf, they all look about the same.   Closer to the bus, there are restaurants and many shops, but we spend most of our time by the sea, enjoying the solitude and the sound of the ocean.   When in Bali, don’t miss Pura Tanah Lot, or the Sea Temple.   It was a wonderful place for us.

Traditional Balinese Dance Performance with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Let’s see more of Bali.   Our first stop this morning.

Sari Dewi Jewelry

Sari Dewi jewelry store.   The jewelry was beautiful.   Some purchases were made.   After shopping mom took us outside.

Beautiful entrance

The entrance to the parking area impressed us.   But now, back on the bus, we will see a Traditional Balinese dance.  This is the Barong and Keris Dance.

Let’s go to performance

Let’s head to the performance.

Detailed stone work

Detailed stone work is magnificent.


We are just going to show you photos, not try to explain the dance.













And a beautiful temple.

Ornate temple

We really enjoyed the performance.   When in Bali, we hope you visit a Traditional Balinese dance performance.   It was very interesting.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia Welcomes the Colorado Traveling Ducks

Bali, Indonesia is beautiful.  From the airport we drove through amazing mountain and jungle scenery.   We are staying at Ubud Village Hotel at Monkey Forest.   In the morning we needed to explore.   Out the front entrance of our resort and a right turn.   Shortly we arrive at the Monkey Forest entrance.

Entrance to Monkey Forest

Yes, that is a monkey on the roof.  Just inside the monkey forest is a statue.

Monkeys on statue

And this statue has a monkey on the head.   And monkeys nearby.   We like monkeys, but there are a lot of them.   The road coming into Ubud passes in front of the monkey forest.

Road near entrance to Monkey Forest

The vegetation is beautiful and tropical.   It seems like there are many motorcycles.   This is a different statue.

Stone monkey on stone turtle. Zeb and Soapy on stone turtle head

Turtles have a significance to the local people, and here is a stone monkey sitting on the turtle.   And, two famous Colorado Traveling Ducks, sitting on the turtle head.   We have seen a few dogs on the street.

We like this

We love this sign.   Free veterinary care for street dogs.   Isn’t that great?  We have places to go with our group this morning, so we wander back toward the hotel.

Our street and shopping

Shopping is available everywhere.  As the day progresses, we see so many motorcycles.

Motorcycles for transportation

They are convenient to rent and so much easier to drive than cars.   We think this is a nice way to see Bali.   We did make some purchases, but no food.  Different people on the street warned us to be careful as the monkeys will take what they want.   We made sure nothing was poking out of our shopping bags.

Many monkey statues here

And so many great statues of monkey near the monkey forest.   A few blocks from the monkey forest we did not see any more monkeys.   Bali is Indonesia’s main tourist destination.   Located 8 degrees south of the equator, Bali has a wonderful climate all year.   Ubud, the city we are visiting, is known as the cultural center and magnet for artists.

Motorcycles and shop

This store offers an unusual variety of items.   While walking we entered some stores and made some purchases.   Snake skin change purses, wooden monkeys and bowls, a statue of Ganesha, a Hindu god, a little jewelry, and our favorite.   Reusable bamboo drinking straws.   We had never seen the bamboo straws before.   Always something new to see.

Shopping choices

Another interesting shop.   But this store, across from our hotel, had to be our favorite.

Our Bali relative

Our relative from Bali is ready to take us to the pool or beach.   Unfortunately, mom says we are on a tour and have places to go.   But we enjoyed meeting a fellow rubber duck.   We already like Bali, and our town of Ubud.   We’re eager to see more of Bali.

Damneon Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Time for another boat ride on the canals.

Ready to get on next boat

This time we are going to Damneon Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok.   We love boats and markets.

Riding down the canal

The canals and rivers are used as highways and we love it.

After shopping, a rest to look at canal

At the market we did a little shopping, mom purchased packages of spices.   As we have mentioned, Bangkok gets hot.   We stopped for a Diet Coke and watched the activity on the canal.   But wait.

Monitor lizard

What is this?   Oh, a monitor lizard.   Our guide said they are common here.   Well, he is not common in Colorado.   But I like to see him–from a distance.   A little more shopping.

Beautiful coffee table

This wooden coffee table is beautiful.   As you can guess, we did not buy it.   How to get it to Colorado??   The dresses are very nice also.   There are so many beautiful things here.

Canal activity

It is nice to be able to shop and watch the canal activity.   And see more shopping across the canal.   We bought a few souvenirs and more scarves.   Still very hot, so time for another Diet Coke.

Trying to keep cool

Guess we are not the only ones that are hot.   This Pomeranian dog has the best place in the market.   When we finished our refreshments, the dog was out of the cooler and relaxing on the floor by his humans.   So no problem.

Canal activity

Sitting with our beverages, we enjoyed the canal activity.   Things here are so close together and so busy.   But it is relaxing and enjoyable also.

Selling from boat

Back on the bus, our guide has a little surprise for us.

Back on bus. Going back to our hotel

These little bananas are so sweet and the bottle of water is perfectly chilled.   Another great experience in Bangkok.   We loved our time in Bangkok, but we must go to our rooms, pack, and get ready for our next destination.

Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand with Colorado Traveling Ducks

On the bus this morning.  Our first stop will be Maeklong Railway Market about 60 km from Bangkok.

Morning traffic in Bangkok. Motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses.

Lots of morning traffic, but we are amazed at the number of motorcycles and how well, motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses all easily share the road.   I, Zeb the Duck, never saw an accident and no signs of road rage.  Maeklong Market is located on a narrow street, but a train passes through the market 8 times every day.   Here we are.

Train going through market

There really is a train going right through the market.  On the left, you can see an awning is folded back so the train can pass.

Train leaving market

Another view of the train as it leaves the market.  The train station is near the market.  The train travels from Bangkok to this market and back to Bangkok.   The one way train ride takes about one hour, driving takes about 90 minutes.

Train gone. Business are usual now.

Here humans can purchase food wrapped and ready to take for lunch.  You may notice the awnings are now covering the train tracks.   The sun in tropical Bangkok is very hot, so shade is needed.   Also notice how very close the train tracks are to the shops.

Fresh meat available here

Fresh meat is ready to purchase and cook.   I, Zeb the Duck, am happy to help, but nobody seems to want my advice.

Probably alive

Some of the food is still alive.   That is really fresh.

Fresh fish

Fresh fish is always the best.   A nice selection here.

Probably squid

I think this is squid, but I’m not really sure.   Looking down the train tracks.

Train tracks very close to items for sale.

Remember, 8 times every day, displays are moved off the train tracks and awnings are folded back to let the train pass.   Then everything is replaced for easier shopping.   We were only here at the market about 30 minutes, but there is much to see and purchase.   We also saw souvenirs and household items.   Mom purchased some silk scarves.   Leaving the market, the next street looks just like any city in Thailand.

Just another town in Thailand. Almost.

We thought it was great seeing a train go through the market.   Not something I saw before.  We hope you see the train market also.

Afternoon Boat ride on Bangkok’s Canals with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Bangkok is a large city and very busy.  The population of Bangkok is 9.7 million people.   Of course that means much traffic.   The canals are used for transportation also, so let’s take a boat ride on the canal.  Our hotel is on the Chao Phraya River and we get on a boat like this one.

Just like our boat

People here really live on the edge of the river.


Shrines to Buddha are everywhere.

Buddhist shrines always near

All people are able to get to one easily on foot.   The afternoons are hot here and these dogs are taking advantage of some shade for an afternoon nap.

Dogs. Lounging on a hot afternoon

We are amazed how close to the river these buildings are located.

Buildings on the river bank

A wall separates building from water.   The flowering bush is beautiful.

Tropical flowering bush

Here we see a boat dock.

Use boat dock. Not garages

No need for garages on the river.  We think this is a local market.

Local market

What do you think?  Along this part of the river, we saw several more elaborate temple complexes.

Shrines along the river

Not much river traffic today.   But here is a boat similar to ours.

Boat approaching us

The river is wide and we love traveling by boat.

Canal as highway

So soon?  We are returning to the hotel area.

Returning to hotel area

We ducks were on this boat trip and loved it.   But we didn’t sit on the edge and pose for photos.   We like the river but did not want to fall in and swim home.  We really enjoyed our hour or so on the Chao Phraya River and canals.