Afternoon Boat ride on Bangkok’s Canals with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Bangkok is a large city and very busy.  The population of Bangkok is 9.7 million people.   Of course that means much traffic.   The canals are used for transportation also, so let’s take a boat ride on the canal.  Our hotel is on the Chao Phraya River and we get on a boat like this one.

Just like our boat

People here really live on the edge of the river.


Shrines to Buddha are everywhere.

Buddhist shrines always near

All people are able to get to one easily on foot.   The afternoons are hot here and these dogs are taking advantage of some shade for an afternoon nap.

Dogs. Lounging on a hot afternoon

We are amazed how close to the river these buildings are located.

Buildings on the river bank

A wall separates building from water.   The flowering bush is beautiful.

Tropical flowering bush

Here we see a boat dock.

Use boat dock. Not garages

No need for garages on the river.  We think this is a local market.

Local market

What do you think?  Along this part of the river, we saw several more elaborate temple complexes.

Shrines along the river

Not much river traffic today.   But here is a boat similar to ours.

Boat approaching us

The river is wide and we love traveling by boat.

Canal as highway

So soon?  We are returning to the hotel area.

Returning to hotel area

We ducks were on this boat trip and loved it.   But we didn’t sit on the edge and pose for photos.   We like the river but did not want to fall in and swim home.  We really enjoyed our hour or so on the Chao Phraya River and canals.


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