My 40 Foot Tall Brazilian Cousin

There is really big rubber duck in Brazil.   Must be one of my distant cousins.   Many of the rich and  upper middle class citizens of Brazil are protesting against the President, Dilma Rousseff.    They are protesting against raising taxes and fiscal irresponsibility.   In Brazilian Portuguese, “to pay the duck” means to unfairly pay for someone else’s mistakes.    The symbol of the protest is a 40 foot rubber duck.

Brazil's 40 foot rubber duck

Brazil’s 40 foot rubber duck and ducklings

When my friend, Deborah, informed us of this duck, it was in Sao Paulo.   The duck and ducklings were previously in the capital, Brasilia.   The duck and ducklings were also seen on the sand of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.    We like to know about other traveling ducks, so thanks for telling us, Deborah.