Vuda Point, Fiji with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

Tour bus is taking us up the hill for great views.

Driving up hill for view

These bright flowers enhance the view of Nadi Bay.

Nadi Bay

Off shore we see the Yasawa Islands.

Yasawa Islands off shore

And where are we?

Yuda Look Out

Here at Yuda Look Out.   This sign expresses our feelings.

Fiji Island

Fiji truly is a South Pacific Paradise.   With this view, we were given an assortment of fresh fruit and refreshing natural beverages.   While they were all delicious, the favorite was fresh Fiji pineapple.   Remembering that sweet fruit, makes us long for more, and a return to the South Pacific Paradise.   This Buddhist shrine, is overlooking Nadi Bay.

Buddhist shrine

This was our last touring in Fiji.   We spend our last day on the beach at our resort.   Before packing, we realized that we made too many purchases.   We went with our moms to Jack’s shop and they each purchased another suitcase.   Others had purchased suitcases earlier on the trip, and a few others were in Jack’s with us, getting one more.   Our friend, Stephanie, was already packed and was getting a henna tattoo.

Stephanie is getting a Henna Tattoo

Just getting started.   We went to our rooms and managed to get everything in the suitcases.   And we didn’t plan on buying much at all.   But….   Finally, the packing is finished and so is Stephanie’s tattoo.

It is finished. Beautiful, Stephanie

It was unusual to leave Fiji Sunday evening, fly to Los Angeles, get another flight to Denver, meet our friend and get home Sunday afternoon, about 5 hours before we left Fiji.   The International Dateline makes travel interesting.   If this post shows mostly views of Nadi Bay, we want to emphasize that Fiji consists of islands, and the beach and water views are magnificent.  Also when we were writing this post back home in Colorado, looking out our windows, over 6 inches of fresh snow was on the ground and more falling.   We love Colorado and the snow, but humans being as they are, seems they miss what ever is not right there.   Sunny beaches really appeal when it is winter at home.   We had a great trip with    This is their Around The World Trip.  All in three busy weeks.   We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, hope you are enjoying where you are, but also remembering where you have been.


Fiji’s Garden of the Sleeping Giant with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Fiji is so lush and tropical that a garden has to be really spectacular.   And this one is.

Beautiful path

Let’s go down the path through these gardens.   Orchids are abundant.


Aren’t they beautiful?   This garden was started by the American actor Raymond Burr in 1977.   Mr Burr passed in 1993 and the gardens are presently owned by another American.   They have continuously been improved and now there are over 2,000 different varieties of orchids here.


This covered walkway has so many species.


We love all these tropical flowers.

Follow the path

Looking from the path to the surrounding area, this jungle vegetation is so green.   Moving along.

Lily pads

Here we spotted a pond with lily pads.   And more.

Fijian Ground Frogs

These are Fijian Ground Frogs.   Their scientific name is Platymantis vitianus.   Fijian Ground Frogs are found only in Fiji and they are endangered.  Continuing in this beautiful jungle setting, look at this.

On hammock

Soapy’s mom found the perfect place.

Our hammock

Now it time for we ducks to relax in the hammock.   There are two secluded places that feature hammocks.  What a great idea Mr. Burr.  And there is more.

We love swings

We love swings.   These are fun.  Are these real people?

Tree huggers

No, just models of human tree huggers.


Bula is the most common word we heard in Fiji.  It mean hello and so much more.   We love Bula.  We have returned through the orchids and we will relax in this garden spot or under the covered area and admire the view.


A tropical drink arrives.


So refreshing and delicious.   We love the colorful flowers.


Walking across the lawn, we perch on the bench.

New friend

Immediately we get company.   This cat jumped up to get petted by mom and to lounge with us, the Colorado Traveling Ducks.  It is time to leave.


The beauty and fragrance of these tropical colors will remain forever in our memories.

Viseisei Village. Fiji’s Oldest Settlement with Colorado Traveling Ducks

The first Fijians arrived here around 1500.   Many of those first arrivals built a settlement right here by the beach.

Nadi Bay

Our tour bus drove along the coast and we arrived at the village.   Many of the nearly 500 villagers are direct descendents of those original settlers.

Laundry at Viseisei Village

From the bus, our first view was laundry drying.   Before entering the village, we were led to this market.

Craft market at village

The women sell crafts and jewelry they make.   Of course, each of our moms bought something.   Pearl necklaces of some sort.   But, even the Colorado Traveling Ducks had to admit that they were very pretty.

Methodist Church

Entering the village this church immediately greets the eyes.

Jone Wesele Methodist Church

In 1835 the first Methodist missionaries arrived in Fiji.   This is Jone Wesele Methodist Church.   We went inside.

Inside church

Here our guide is explaining the history of Viseisei to us.   Before leaving we walked to the front of the church.

Interior of Methodist Church

Isn’t this beautiful?  We liked it a lot.

Carpenter Memorial Burial Site

Leaving the Methodist Church, we saw the Carpenter Memorial Burial Site.   Such an impressive monument.   The houses in the village are all so neat.

House in village

We like clean, neat lawns.

Looking down path to more houses

Looking down a path, we felt very welcome here.    The village was very clean and everyone was friendly.

Open space in center of Viseisei Village

Isn’t this a nice open space in the center of the village?   We really enjoyed our time here in Viseisei Village.   If you visit Fiji, we hope you spend some time here.

Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and the Colorado Traveling Ducks

Yes.   We are in Fiji.   And our resort is on the beach.   A perfect last stop on our six country around the world tour.   Let’s explore our temporary home.

Lobby of our resort

We like this lobby.   Look at those flowers.  Those ceiling fans are nice and different than ours at home.   And the store is Jack’s.   We will soon learn that Jack’s is a main store in Fiji.   Some of everything and great souvenirs.  We have our keys and the golf carts are ready to drive us to our room.

From our patio

A great view from our patio.   Nice to have lounge chairs, in sand, near us.

From our patio

Looking to the left, the pool and then the restaurants.   There are a few restaurants here to enjoy.

Our patio

Of course, we need a view of our patio.  We are on the ground floor so we can walk out of our room, directly to the beach, pool or restaurants.   Hilton Fiji Beach Resort is rather large, so here is our stop for the Bula Express.

Bula Express

Bula means hello, good, and many pleasant greetings or comments.   It is a friendly word.   We can ride the shuttle all around the resort, but we prefer to walk and see everything.

Restaurant. Breakfast served here

This is one of our main restaurants.   Our complimentary breakfast is served here.   That breakfast is a huge buffet with everything.   Delicious and we usually sit on the outdoor area looking at the beach.


This is part of our pool.   This smaller area is great for smaller humans.   If you are wondering about the dark sky and all the clouds, don’t worry.   The storm clouds didn’t last very long, but when it was calmer and sunny, mom wasn’t taking photos.   We were in the Pacific Ocean often.   Those moms love to swim.   They both go out far, but Soapy’s mom really goes far.   I was a little worried since I looked at the map and didn’t see land between Fiji and New Zealand.   But all is well.   Those ladies are adventurous, but careful and safe.    Need something to do between swimming, sunning and eating?

Chess anyone?

Here is the answer.   Chess anyone?   Back towards our room, this wishing well, flower pot, grabbed our attention.

Flowers and massage table

Behind the flowers are massage tables.   A massage, outdoors and near the beach, is a wonderful thing.

Sitting on lounge chair on our patio

Soapy Smith Duck and I, Zeb the Duck, are enjoying the breeze from the Pacific Ocean while sitting on our patio.  While in Fiji, we plan to spend much of our time at the beach.