Happy Memorial Day 2017

We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, and our humans wish you all a happy Memorial Day.   In 1967 Memorial Day became a Federal Holiday, celebrated the last Monday in May.

We thank all who serve to defend and enhance our freedoms, and we honor all of those that gave their lives for our freedom and our way of life.

Fort Logan Cemetery, Denver, Colorado


Thank you American heroes.

National Grape Popsicle Day

Summer is arriving in the northern hemisphere, bringing warm weather.   Today, May 27, is National Grape Popsicle Day.   According to http://www.nationaldaycalendar.com  this all began in San Francisco, California in 1905.   They say that 11 year old Frank Epperson was outside on his porch, mixing water with a white powdered flavoring to make soda.   Upon going inside, he left it there on the porch with the stirring stick still in it.   That night the temperature reached a record low and the following morning, Frank discovered the drink had frozen to the stick.   The Popsicle was born.   It is a warm weather favorite for all ages and comes in many flavors.   Today perhaps we will enjoy a Popsicle.

National Grape Popsicle Day


We ducks really like this human invention.   Let’s get some, mom.

Lunch at Dubai Marina with Zeb and Chanel

We animals are getting hungry.   So, let’s go to Dubai’s marina for lunch.

Dubai Marina

Remember, Dubai is a little short on coastline, so this marina was built, with canals offering more water front property.   The menu at Salsa’s Restaurant appeals to us.

Menu at Salsa Restaurant. Zeb and Chanel approve.

After ordering, we admire the view from our table.

Dubai Marina from Salsa Restaurant

Our food is here.   This is great.

Lunch at Salsa’s

The french fries are delicious and plentiful.   Look, we each received two sliders, or smaller hamburgers.   But they really aren’t very small.   So much food.   We appreciate the umbrella over our table, as it once again begins to drizzle.   In Dubai, we are in awe of the many skyscrapers, and the new, innovative architecture.   We believe the twisted buildings withstand higher winds without damage.

A water park. For a sunnier day.

Driving to the beach we hope to get a good view of what some say is the most luxurious hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab.   Here we are, but the fog and drizzle are still obstructing the view.   Through the haze, we admire Burj Al Arab.

Burj Al Arab

But wait, hey mom, I think she wants me.    Yep, that young girl wanted me.

Burj Al Arab and a narrow escape for Zeb the Duck

Now I feel sad that she is sad.   Mom puts me back in my traveling bag.   This hotel is designed from the sail of dhow ships, formerly the main boat in the Persian Gulf.   After the design was accepted, an island needed to be built, as a ship does not sail on land.   And more coastline was created.   We love beaches, so another photo of Dubai’s beach.


Riding these vehicles on the sand is so much fun.


But today the weather is not great for beach activities.   Mom seems fascinated by this building with windows resembling a staircase.

New, innovative building design

Dubai certainly shows so many new ideas.   We love this city.

Driving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai with Zeb and Chanel

Scrambled eggs, variety of melon, sweet rolls and hot tea started our day.   Southern Sun Hotel in Abu Dhabi treated us to wonderful breakfast buffets each morning.   And we appreciated it.   Our suitcases have been collected and loaded on our bus.   Driving along the coast toward Dubai, we are reminded that Abu Dhabi planted thousand of palm trees, using hoses and pipes for irrigation.   Crossing into Dubai, we notice that Dubai did not plant trees.   This is a cool, overcast, windy day in mid February.   The wind is fairly strong, creating a small sandstorm.

Entering Dubai. Small sand storm and overcast day.  Reflections through bus window.

Visibility is very low; the Persian Gulf is barely visible from our bus.   Conditions do not change, unfortunately.   Our first glimpse of Dubai, even through haze, sand and light drizzle, still impresses.

Dubai. Impresses even through haze

We head to Palm Jumierah, or Palm Island.   This island, made of sand and rock, no concrete or steel, is the largest man made island.  This island was completed in 5 years and was a major engineering project.   Dubai became rich through oil, but that oil is expected to be gone by 2020.   The Sheikh, also the Emir of Dubai, wanted Dubai to be a world tourist mecca and trade center.   A major problem for tourism was a limited amount of coastline.   Building islands gives Dubai more coastline.   Jumierah Island added 75 kilometers of coastline.   This island features retail areas, business office space, luxury waterfront residential homes and hotels, including the Atlantis Hotel.   Driving to the island, the bridge is the base of the palm trunk. Sadly, the drizzle is becoming heavier now and the visibility even less.

Imagine this on a clear day. Can only imagine.

We head to the Atlantis Mall.

Inside mall

This luxury mall features exclusive shopping and our some of our favorite rest stops, such as Cold Stone Creamery.   We enjoy their ice cream creations frequently.

In the mall

Reminding us that we are in the United Arab Emirates, we spot this sign.

Sign in mall

We were given tickets to the aquarium.


Seems everyone is enjoying indoor activities on this drizzly day.  This is some of what we see inside.

So many fish


Zeb and Chanel admire fish


Not our favorite swimming companion


Cute, but deadly




Beautiful colors

To build this island, a large breaker was needed to reduce the damage by the sea.   The environment of this area of the Persian Gulf is changing.   Divers regularly evaluate these changes.   New species of fish are now living in these waters and new reefs are forming. Leaving Palm Island, we imagine the inside of these fabulous buildings.

Palm Island

We hope you visit Palm Jumierah on a sunny day, but even on a drizzly day it is impressive.

Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear Finish their Visit to Muscat, Oman

Zeb and Duck and Chanel the Bear are heading for a museum in Muscat, Oman.

We’re going to Bait Al Zubair Museum

As we approach the entrance, we love these animal statues.

Way to entrance

In the lobby, while our guide gets our tickets, we admire the window and the weapons on the wall.

Inside lobby.

Looking through to the building we see many artifacts of Oman’s long history.   But, the lady says mom cannot take photos inside.   Sad, but we enjoy looking at so many items, current and ancient.   After much time enjoying the exhibits, we exit, only to find there is more outside.   These boats are typical of those used years ago and even used today.

Traditional boats of times past

Look at this model of ancient Muscat.

Model of earlier times

And more goat statues.

We like him

I really liked the pink head on this one.   These were for a Muscat Art Festival.

Art Festival

Leaving the museum, we drive through Muscat.   Aren’t the mountains great?

Driving through Muscat

We see an old fort on a hill near the water.


This huge white building is another palace.


Now visiting dignitaries and emirates stay here.   I guess they didn’t know that Chanel the Bear, and I, Zeb the Duck, are dignitaries in our world.   We were not invited to stay here???   Maybe next time?   This panorama shows some of Muscat’s old area and buildings.

Housing for visiting dignitaries

Isn’t this a beautiful place?   Well, our time in Muscat has come to an end, and we enjoyed it very much.   Back to Muscat’s airport, on the plane, and back to Abu Dhabi, another eye scan, and a cab back to our hotel.

Back to Abu Dhabi

We loved Oman and we love Abu Dhabi.   When you visit Muscat, perhaps you will plan to be there when tourists can enter the Grand Mosque and the Opera House.   But, if not, you will still see and experience so much.   We hope to hear that you will visit Oman.   It is a fascinating country.

Zeb and Chanel Visit a Souk in Muscat, Oman

Cruise ships on the Arabian Sea near a great souk mean Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear are happy.

Cruise ships in Muscat

Near the cruise ship, we really like this traditional boat.

We love the traditional boats also.

We love to see traditional things mixed with the modern.   Now we know we really are on vacation in a new destination.   Here in Muscat, Oman we are shopping.   One of the best things about the souk is talking with the people here.   The items in this store caught the attention of our moms.

Let’s look

We really like the man here, also.   Oh no, our moms sure look different now.

Our moms?

The friendly gentleman showed them, and us, how to wear the head covering, or hat.   The shawls are a nice addition also, moms.   As we were about to enter the narrow alley of the souk, our moms saw post cards that they really needed.   Going further into the store, mom spotted this painting of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

Painting of Grand Mosque in Muscat

As you can guess, this painting is now in our home in Colorado.   This is a great souk.   These narrow walkways are lined with small shops and friendly, but not aggressive owners.

We explore the souk

Many offered myrrh and frankincense.   We were fascinated, but did not purchase any.   You may know that the Christian Bible teaches that the Magi brought myrrh, frankincense and gold to the baby Jesus.   Myrrh and frankincense come from tree resin and we saw much perfume and incense of myrrh and frankincense in the souk.   Oh dear.   Look at this gold.

So much beautiful gold

Our guide assured us that it is all read gold and most is 18 karat gold or higher.   Again, no purchases today.   There really is not enough time to see things and decide on major purchases today.   But looking is fun; the sales staff is friendly and informative.   I love this place!  It is time to leave the souk, get in the car and drive to our next destination.   Notice that the roads are very good and not a lot of traffic.

Driving through Muscat, Oman

Oman, or officially the Sultanate of Oman, really is a great tourist destination.   We do not see much information about visiting Oman in the United States.   Oman offers desert trips.  A favorite is Sharqiya Sands, or Wahiba Sands as it is locally known, a desert area inhabited by the bedouins.   With Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea coastlines, you may enjoy Ras al Hadd, a Turtle Reserve and beautiful beach.   Maybe you would prefer Khalif Beach with soaring sand dunes for a backdrop.   Of course many old and new buildings and lots of Middle East history here.   It would be so much fun to return to Oman for a week or two.   Mom?