We are three rubber ducks living near Denver, Colorado.  We live in separate houses with three generations of the same family.  Zebulon (Zeb) Duck was named after Zebulon Pike, the explorer and lives with a retired teacher.  Soapy Smith Duck is a rascal duck and named after Jefferson Randolph (Soapy) Smith II, an explorer, scoundrel and philanthropist.   Soapy lives with his self employed mom and dad.  Then there is JB Duck.  He lives with recent college graduates.  We have a cousin, Eider Duck that lives near Fairbanks, Alaska.  Eider is named for a large sea duck that lives and breeds in the Arctic.  We are the four Colorado Traveling Ducks.

We, ducks and humans, love to travel and love our home states of Colorado and Alaska.  Our humans have traveled to many foreign countries and all 50 states.  Zeb’s mom has visited more than 90 countries and still eager for more.  All of our humans have visited many countries and several states.    Much of the traveling was before we ducks joined the family.

We want to share our adventures and photographs with you.  Our purpose is to inspire you to visit and enjoy places, near and far.  Denver, like most cities, has many events and places that are fun and fascinating.   While traveling far is fun, we love and want to encourage you, to be a tourist in your hometown.

We ducks and humans became a family and started this blog during the summer of 2013.  Please tell us what you like and give us suggestions to make this blog more interesting, informative and entertaining.  We have fun traveling near and far and enjoy sharing our adventures and pictures with you.  We want you to have fun also!   Visit www.coloradotravelingducks.com/2013/08/30/colorado-ducks-become-our-family/ to see how we all came to be a family in Frasier, Colorado.

We love to hear from you!


48 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Zeb, Roscoe Monty and Henry here, mom just posted a blog post about the library sale and mentioned you in it. Hope she was kind 🐶🐾📕. We can never tell with humans, they’re so strange!

  2. Such a wonderful idea for a blog! I’m a firm believer that traveling is a crucial part of lifelong learning, and this is such a creative way of sharing that knowledge. I also firmly agree with “being a tourist in your hometown”-as someone from a tiny Ohio town, I’m forever surprised at the beauty and cool things around me that I never even noticed as a kiddo.

  3. Great idea for a blog. Being a Coloradan and in love with the beauty of the state, I especially appreciate this.

    Travel is a wonderful way to gain perspective on life, for human and duck alike. Every time I travel I see something new and wonderful. I’ve seen much, but never enough, of Colorado and would be content to just see as much of the state as possible. It is a land of endless variety. Have the ducks ever been to the Sand Dunes?

    • The ducks have not been to the sand dunes. Humans were before starting the blog. Thanks for reminding me of another great Colorado destination. Great Sand Dunes National Park is now on our list. Thanks for reading and commenting. Nice to know you are also exploring and enjoying the wonders of Colorado.

      • That would definitely be a great duck destination. It’s always astounded me that such a distinct feature exists in such a small area.

  4. Still following this blog. Is Laclede in Kansas or Missouri? Luck Duck Sheila always was confused by the fact that Kansas City is in Missouri and not in Kansas. I remember MO being further east and having much more historical sites.

    • Oh my. Thank you so much. You are correct. Laclede is in Missouri. My embarrassing mistake. I will post a correction in comments on that post. And Kansas City is on the river, part of Kansas City in Missouri and part in Kansas. Thank you Luck Duck Sheila. I love your blog also.

  5. Hi!
    I was your tour guide at Oak Alley today. I love this blog!! I’m so glad I got to meet y’all today and give you and your ducks a tour of the big house!! I hope the rest of your visit was wonderful!!

    • Thanks Shannon

      We loved our tour of Oak Alley Plantation. You were great. Informative, nice and very patient. Such a beautiful place. There will be a blog post about the plantation when we finish the month road trip to Fairbanks and back. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon.

  6. Hi! You’ve got such an interesting blog name 🙂 I’ve just joined your blog and looking forward to reading your posts. I’m from the other side of the globe. I’ve been to America twice but not yet the Colorado side. 🙂 — amor

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