Bali’s Pura Tanah Lot, Sea Temple, with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Driving in Bali we saw rice fields.

Rice field

This lady is working.   Here is newly planted rice.

Newly planted rice

Rice is a major crop and dietary staple in Bali.   Today we are going to Pura Tanah Lot, or the Sea Temple.   This is a complex of Hindu Temples located on the sea.   Our bus parks and we are eager to see everything.   We enter the complex, walk along a path with many shops, heading for the sea.   But wait.

Soapy’s mom petting a snake

A snake?   And Soapy’s mom is petting the snake.

Big snake

That is a pretty big snake.   But the snake is welded and he tolerates we tourists very well.   Wow!   Love the view.

Going to the sea

We are going to the steps and then to the sea.


This is beautiful.   The lawn, temples and sea.

Temple with limited accessibility

Here is another temple.   But this one is only accessible during low tide.    Too late to go now.

Tide coming in

Just time for those in the temple to return to the mainland.

High tide now

The temple is isolated for now.   Bali is the only Hindu majority province in Indonesia.   About 83.5% of the population adhere to Balinese Hinduism.   You probably know that Indonesia is largely a Muslim country.  Wikipedia says Indonesia has the highest Muslim population of any country in the world.   But Bali is Hindu.  We saw no tension between people about religion.   Everything works smoothly and people are very welcoming and nice here.  This is a beautiful area.   We took many photos, but without feeling the sea breeze and hearing the pounding surf, they all look about the same.   Closer to the bus, there are restaurants and many shops, but we spend most of our time by the sea, enjoying the solitude and the sound of the ocean.   When in Bali, don’t miss Pura Tanah Lot, or the Sea Temple.   It was a wonderful place for us.