Happy Easter 2017

Today April 16, 2017 is Easter Sunday.  Millions of Christians around the world will attend their favorite church or house of worship to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.   Many humans will then enjoy a shared Easter dinner with friends and family.   We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Christians will attend large and small churches today.

National Grammar Day and National Pound Cake Day 2017

Today, March 4, is National Grammar Day.   When did this happen?   Martha Brockenbrough, founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, designated National Grammar Day in 2008.   The English language has over one million words.   Language is something to celebrate.   Some people might suggest that grammar is a set of rules for language, but really it is a system for understanding a language; how the words are structured.   Understanding the system and the structure helps us to better understand the language and can help us to learn new languages.   There are some hard and fast rules in grammar, though.   So, let’s use good grammar today.   This information is from http://www.NationalDayCalendar.com

For my friends that really don’t care about grammar, we have more news.   Today is also National Pound Cake Day.   So enjoy a great snack of pound cake today.   I hope mom gets me some tasty pound cake!

Pound Cake. Yum

Pound Cake. Yum