Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2018 with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.   This is exciting when the actual day is on a Saturday.   We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks and our humans, wish you a happy and safe day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick, an English person, moved to Ireland, became a priest, and introduced Christianity to Ireland in the year 432.   The shamrock, a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, was used as a teaching tool and metaphor for the Holy Trinity.   St. Patrick is also credited with chasing all the snakes out of Ireland.   However, fossils show no evidence that there ever were snakes in Ireland.   Much of the world celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with parades, parties, corned beef and cabbage and lots of green beer.   Many people here, and elsewhere, celebrate with friends and family, in pubs and restaurants and many with huge dinners and fun at home.   Green is the color of the day.   Many things show up green that usually are not green.   In the US city of Chicago, Illinois, 40 tons of green dye (a secret recipe) are used to color the Chicago River just the correct shade of green for the day.   Some people add green food coloring to regular food, including green mashed potatoes.   This is a holiday for fun for everyone.   And on this day, everyone is a little bit Irish.

St. Patrick’s Day for all

Even our four legged friends.   You will often hear “Erin Go Bragh” in many establishments.   According to http://www.Mentalfloss.com, this is a corruption of a phrase meaning “Ireland Forever.”   Have fun tomorrow, wear green and be safe.   Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


7 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2018 with Colorado Traveling Ducks

  1. Yikes! I got the same card because I have a dog that looks like that only he’s got black spots instead of green spots good idea I’m going to blog it tomorrow with the picture of him

  2. Amazing history. Did some research on St. Patrick for church and quite interesting what I learned. And the shamrock is something I just learned reading this post. Found a picture just yesterday on the Chicago River. Wow that is a lot of dye.

    Went to a former work reunion yesterday that happened to be held at a sports bar. Was so incredible to see the waitresses all dressed up. Even though I don’t drink, to see them serve pitchers of green beer. So much fun. And “pretending” to be Irish, I was given a button from a local radio station that read, “Kiss me I’m pretending to be Irish” 🙂

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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