Zeb the Duck Finds Big Things in a Small Town

I, Zeb the Duck, am in an amazing small town in Illinois.

Casey, Illinois

Casey, Illinois, wants tourists to stop here, so they have big things in a small town.   Starting here.

World’s Largest Wind chime

This is the world’s largest wind chime.   This is 55 feet (16.76 m) tall and weighs over 8 tons.   What else do they have?

All this in Casey, Illinois

This sign lists 8 world’s largest things. Across from the wind chime is the rocking chair.

World’s largest rocking chair

This rocking chair is 56.5 feet (17.22 m) tall.   Too big for this duck to sit and rock.   Now we are heading toward Casey Country Club.

World’s largest golf tee

At 30.5 feet (9.29 m) tall, this is the world’s largest golf tee.   We like the golf course.   Next item, not far from Casey Country Club is a pitch fork.

World’s largest pitch fork

This, the world’s largest, is 60 feet (18.28 m) long and weighs almost one ton.   Smaller pitch forks are used on farms.   Back into town, we found a parking place near a pencil.

A large wooden pencil

This is 32.5 feet (9.9 m) long, but it is not the world’s largest pencil.   The world’s largest pencil sits in the City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri.   That pencil is 76 feet (23.16 m) long.   Here is a useful item.

World’s largest mail box

The world’s largest mail box.   You can climb the ladder behind the mail box and go inside.   You can also visit the store behind, purchase a post card and mail it from this mail box.   Inside a nearby candy store, look what we found.

World’s largest wooden shoes

The world’s largest wooden shoes.   They are 11.5 feet (3.5 m) long and 5.5 feet (1.67 m)  wide.   Each shoe weighs over one ton.   Who can wear those shoes?   And walk with a ton on each foot?  And this is crazy.

World’s largest knitting needles and world’s largest crochet hook

Inside this yard store we find the world’s largest knitting needles and the world’s largest crochet hook.   The knitting needles are 13 feet (3.98 m) long with a diameter of 3.25 inches (8.25 cm).   The crochet hook is 6 feet 1.5 inches (1.87 m) long and a diameter of 3 inches (7.6 cm).   To obtain the record for the largest knitting needles, Jeanette, the knitter, was required to cast on 10 stitches and knit 10 rows of material.   This was not easy, as each knitting needle weighs 25 pounds (11.33 kg).   I, Zeb the Duck, do not know this, but I bet this was a group knitting project.   Those are heavy knitting needles.   While it is true that Casey, Illinois has many large things, we want to remind you that it is a nice small town.

Pedestrian crossing in Casey, Illinois

Here is a sign for a pedestrian crossing, probably near a school.   This seems to be a very friendly town.   I, Zeb the Duck, liked Casey and I liked the people we met there.   And, yes, we did purchase a few things.