Lipstick and Lasagna Today

Today, July 29, is National Lipstick Day.   Ducks don’t wear lipstick.   Throughout the ages, controversy has surrounded lipstick.    British Parliament banned it in 1770 calling it a devilish attempt to trick men into marriage.   They likened it to witchcraft.   Lipstick has been known to contain poisonous materials.   It is said Sarah Bernhardt created a scandal by applying “lip rouge” in pubic.   Queen Victoria considered it impolite, yet Winston Churchill thought it was an excellent morale booster during WWII.   So, wear your favorite lipstick today.

National Lipstick Day

Not interested in lipstick?   Here is the best way to wear it off.  Eat!   Today is also National Lasagna Day.   Let’s eat some!  Lasagna was featured in a 14th century England cookbook.   Definitely a food that has stood the test of time.  And, the cartoon character Garfield’s favorite food is lasagna.

National Lasagna Day

So humans and ducks, let’s eat lasagna today.   Our national holiday information is from


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