Zeb and Chanel Visit the Royal Opera House of Muscat, Oman

World class opera performances in the desert?   Yes!   The Royal Opera House of Muscat opened October, 2011 and has been featuring some of the best entertainers from around the world ever since.   This Omani venue comfortably seats 1,100 patrons.   Now the outside floor is being polished.

Royal Opera House, Muscat, Oman

Our Omani guide wears the traditional white robe.

Our guide in Muscat, Oman

We have been told this attire is comfortable and cooler in the oppressive summer heat of the desert.  Entering the lobby is our guide and Chanel’s mom.

Going into lobby of Royal Opera House of Muscat

The lobby only is now open to visitors.   Even not being allowed to go inside, we are grateful seeing the exterior of the concert theater.   I, Zeb the Duck, am sitting on the table of the the lobby.

Inside lobby of Royal Opera House, Muscat

The floors and table, recently polished, really glisten.   West Side Story will come to Muscat in late February.   We always enjoy seeing that musical.   After existing the lobby, we stroll on the covered outside walkway.

Walking down covered outdoor walkway

A few turns and we see the lovely gardens.

To landscaped gardens of Muscat Opera House complex

The opera house complex features a concert theater, an auditorium, formal landscaped gardens, a cultural market with retail space, an art center, luxury restaurants and a large parking garage.   This complex was built following the Royal Orders of Sultan Qaboos of Oman. These beautiful buildings, all making us feel very peaceful, can make this duck, a small bear and 3 humans hungry.   Our guide drives us to the cafe.

Cafe for our snack

We enjoy a special Omani tea.

Frothy Omani tea

It is frothy, but definitely tastes like tea.   I like it!   This Omani bread has honey in it.

Bread with honey

Tasty and pleasantly sweet; not overpowering sweetness.   Our guide had bread with everything:  cheese, egg and honey.   I wasn’t too sure about that many flavors in the bread, but after sampling some, I liked it a lot.   We are enjoying our short time in Muscat, Oman.   We visited in mid February so the weather was in the mid 70s F.   It was overcast much of the time, but we were comfortable, always felt safe and very welcome.   Next time we will show you more of Muscat, Oman.