Columbus, New Mexico with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

Columbus, New Mexico is a small border town with about 2,000 permanent residents.

Columbus, New Mexico

Located in a high desert valley, between the Florida and Tres Hermanas mountain ranges, Columbus is only 3 miles from Palomas, Mexico.   Mom and I have been here 3 times, usually looking for warmer weather for a couple days.   Columbus is small and not a touristy town.   The first time mom and I arrived, it was night and we were lucky to find a motel.   Our cell phone did not have service, (that was 2013) so we went to the gas station to call the motel owner to come rent us a room.

Hacienda de Villa Motel

We stayed here at Hacinda de Villa Motel.   Not fancy, but the room was large and very clean.   The people here were very friendly.   We went to the train station, now a museum.

Columbus museum

The museum is interesting, and shows the history of Columbus.   This time we noticed a new sign.

Susan Parks sign

This lady, Susan Parks, was a real hero.   During the attack by Pancho Villa, she called nearby Deming, NM for help.  While the bullets were flying, she placed her young child on the floor, under a desk, and continued calling for help.   The soldiers from Deming did arrive and the attack was over quickly.   I’ll tell you more about this battle next time.   The train was important in earlier days, but it is not running now.   The train station was converted into the museum, and the post office.

Post Office

We enjoyed wandering around outside.   There were train cars.


Also a few pieces of old railroad equipment.

Railroad equipment

This classic old car.

Classic car

and old farm equipment.

Old equipment

Each time we visited this museum, there have been very few other people.   The people inside are so knowlegable and so nice.   Here is the safe from the bank.

Safe from bank

During the Pancho Villa attack, the safe was shot.   The bullet hole is marked.   What a great museum.   Columbus had rich mineral deposits.   Miners found silver, copper, lead and zinc here.   There is not much mining in Columbus now.   We like this small church.

Holy Family Church

It is Holy Family Church.

Church bell

We admired the church bell, on its own post.   Columbus is not a tourist destination, but if you go, wander around town and you will find several little pieces of history, and very friendly people.   It is a nice change from the busy lives we all live.


Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear Finish their Visit to Muscat, Oman

Zeb and Duck and Chanel the Bear are heading for a museum in Muscat, Oman.

We’re going to Bait Al Zubair Museum

As we approach the entrance, we love these animal statues.

Way to entrance

In the lobby, while our guide gets our tickets, we admire the window and the weapons on the wall.

Inside lobby.

Looking through to the building we see many artifacts of Oman’s long history.   But, the lady says mom cannot take photos inside.   Sad, but we enjoy looking at so many items, current and ancient.   After much time enjoying the exhibits, we exit, only to find there is more outside.   These boats are typical of those used years ago and even used today.

Traditional boats of times past

Look at this model of ancient Muscat.

Model of earlier times

And more goat statues.

We like him

I really liked the pink head on this one.   These were for a Muscat Art Festival.

Art Festival

Leaving the museum, we drive through Muscat.   Aren’t the mountains great?

Driving through Muscat

We see an old fort on a hill near the water.


This huge white building is another palace.


Now visiting dignitaries and emirates stay here.   I guess they didn’t know that Chanel the Bear, and I, Zeb the Duck, are dignitaries in our world.   We were not invited to stay here???   Maybe next time?   This panorama shows some of Muscat’s old area and buildings.

Housing for visiting dignitaries

Isn’t this a beautiful place?   Well, our time in Muscat has come to an end, and we enjoyed it very much.   Back to Muscat’s airport, on the plane, and back to Abu Dhabi, another eye scan, and a cab back to our hotel.

Back to Abu Dhabi

We loved Oman and we love Abu Dhabi.   When you visit Muscat, perhaps you will plan to be there when tourists can enter the Grand Mosque and the Opera House.   But, if not, you will still see and experience so much.   We hope to hear that you will visit Oman.   It is a fascinating country.

Fort Morgan, Colorado has a Museum

I, Zeb the Duck, and Soapy Smith Duck, were in Fort Morgan.  We previously told you about the great park there.  Yesterday we showed you the famous Rainbow Arch Bridge.  Today let’s look at the museum.

Going to the museum in Fort Morgan, Colorado

Going to the museum in Fort Morgan, Colorado

The eastern plains of Colorado were populated with Native American Indians.

Life of Native American

Life of Native American

This museum has many displays about the Native Americans and the buffalo.   Then things changed in 1881 and 1882 when the railroad arrived.

The railroad arrives in Fort Morgan

The railroad arrives in Fort Morgan

The Union Pacific and the Burlington Route brought people and supplies to the Fort Morgan area.   Soon there were towns and a larger military presence.

More people move to Fort Morgan

More people move to Fort Morgan

The citizens of Fort Morgan and vicinity have always been ready to serve the United States.   During World War II, Fort Morgan Municipal airport housed one of the US Army’s Glider Schools.   Students learned to handle gliders by utilizing small, single engine aircraft and performed dead stick landings.

Fort Morgan is proud of its military past

Fort Morgan is proud of its military past

Student soldiers from across the nation called Fort Morgan home for the 6-week training period.

Like many small towns, the local drug store and soda fountain were a gathering place for all ages.

We would love this soda fountain

We would love this soda fountain

One of those teenagers was Glenn Miller. Glenn Miller was born in Iowa but moved to Fort Morgan with his family.   He played left end on the Fort Morgan High School football team.  In 1920 Glenn was named Best Left End in Colorado.  Glenn is probably the most famous graduate of Fort Morgan High School.   Glenn loved music.

Fort Morgan is proud of Glenn Miller

Fort Morgan is proud of Glenn Miller

The museum has an area dedicated to Glenn Miller.

Tribute to Glenn Miller

Tribute to Glenn Miller

Later The Glenn Miller Orchestra became one of the most popular bands of the big band era.  This museum shares a building with the Fort Morgan library.  We liked this museum and we think you would like it too.  When you are on I-76 Fort Morgan would be a great stop for you.