Fiji’s Garden of the Sleeping Giant with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Fiji is so lush and tropical that a garden has to be really spectacular.   And this one is.

Beautiful path

Let’s go down the path through these gardens.   Orchids are abundant.


Aren’t they beautiful?   This garden was started by the American actor Raymond Burr in 1977.   Mr Burr passed in 1993 and the gardens are presently owned by another American.   They have continuously been improved and now there are over 2,000 different varieties of orchids here.


This covered walkway has so many species.


We love all these tropical flowers.

Follow the path

Looking from the path to the surrounding area, this jungle vegetation is so green.   Moving along.

Lily pads

Here we spotted a pond with lily pads.   And more.

Fijian Ground Frogs

These are Fijian Ground Frogs.   Their scientific name is Platymantis vitianus.   Fijian Ground Frogs are found only in Fiji and they are endangered.  Continuing in this beautiful jungle setting, look at this.

On hammock

Soapy’s mom found the perfect place.

Our hammock

Now it time for we ducks to relax in the hammock.   There are two secluded places that feature hammocks.  What a great idea Mr. Burr.  And there is more.

We love swings

We love swings.   These are fun.  Are these real people?

Tree huggers

No, just models of human tree huggers.


Bula is the most common word we heard in Fiji.  It mean hello and so much more.   We love Bula.  We have returned through the orchids and we will relax in this garden spot or under the covered area and admire the view.


A tropical drink arrives.


So refreshing and delicious.   We love the colorful flowers.


Walking across the lawn, we perch on the bench.

New friend

Immediately we get company.   This cat jumped up to get petted by mom and to lounge with us, the Colorado Traveling Ducks.  It is time to leave.


The beauty and fragrance of these tropical colors will remain forever in our memories.