Bangkok’s Marble Temple with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Now we are going to Wat Benchamabophit.   Also known as the Marble Temple.

Marble Temple

Designed in 1899, the Marble Temple uses traditional Thai symmetry with European and Chinese design influences.  Inside the Buddha is displayed with a beautiful illuminated blue background.


Again the workmanship is extraordinary.   We noticed that Buddha seems to have very long fingers.

Long fingers

The ashes of King Chulalongkorn are buried beneath the statue.   This is not a single temple, but an entire complex.

Marble temple complex

We wandered around the temple and entered various buildings.  We were especially captivated by the singhas, or guards, these marble lions.


Several people stop at various shrines.

Man at shrine

This Buddha was a little different.


The sign explains that this Buddha is Burmese style.

Style of Burma

All doors and windows are very ornate.

Ornate window

So much work and so much beauty in all the temples.   Walking over this bridge can lead us to or away from the Marble Temple complex.

Marble temple complex

Between the Marble Temple and our bus, we did enjoy seeing this sculpture.

Interesting sculpture

We are not sure if it has special significance, but we liked it.   The Marble Temple is constructed from carrara marble imported from Italy.   We hope you will visit some of Thailand’s Buddhist temples.   They are extremely ornate, beautiful and very peaceful.   We are glad we visited some of them.


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