Damneon Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Time for another boat ride on the canals.

Ready to get on next boat

This time we are going to Damneon Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok.   We love boats and markets.

Riding down the canal

The canals and rivers are used as highways and we love it.

After shopping, a rest to look at canal

At the market we did a little shopping, mom purchased packages of spices.   As we have mentioned, Bangkok gets hot.   We stopped for a Diet Coke and watched the activity on the canal.   But wait.

Monitor lizard

What is this?   Oh, a monitor lizard.   Our guide said they are common here.   Well, he is not common in Colorado.   But I like to see him–from a distance.   A little more shopping.

Beautiful coffee table

This wooden coffee table is beautiful.   As you can guess, we did not buy it.   How to get it to Colorado??   The dresses are very nice also.   There are so many beautiful things here.

Canal activity

It is nice to be able to shop and watch the canal activity.   And see more shopping across the canal.   We bought a few souvenirs and more scarves.   Still very hot, so time for another Diet Coke.

Trying to keep cool

Guess we are not the only ones that are hot.   This Pomeranian dog has the best place in the market.   When we finished our refreshments, the dog was out of the cooler and relaxing on the floor by his humans.   So no problem.

Canal activity

Sitting with our beverages, we enjoyed the canal activity.   Things here are so close together and so busy.   But it is relaxing and enjoyable also.

Selling from boat

Back on the bus, our guide has a little surprise for us.

Back on bus. Going back to our hotel

These little bananas are so sweet and the bottle of water is perfectly chilled.   Another great experience in Bangkok.   We loved our time in Bangkok, but we must go to our rooms, pack, and get ready for our next destination.