Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand with Colorado Traveling Ducks

On the bus this morning.  Our first stop will be Maeklong Railway Market about 60 km from Bangkok.

Morning traffic in Bangkok. Motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses.

Lots of morning traffic, but we are amazed at the number of motorcycles and how well, motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses all easily share the road.   I, Zeb the Duck, never saw an accident and no signs of road rage.  Maeklong Market is located on a narrow street, but a train passes through the market 8 times every day.   Here we are.

Train going through market

There really is a train going right through the market.  On the left, you can see an awning is folded back so the train can pass.

Train leaving market

Another view of the train as it leaves the market.  The train station is near the market.  The train travels from Bangkok to this market and back to Bangkok.   The one way train ride takes about one hour, driving takes about 90 minutes.

Train gone. Business are usual now.

Here humans can purchase food wrapped and ready to take for lunch.  You may notice the awnings are now covering the train tracks.   The sun in tropical Bangkok is very hot, so shade is needed.   Also notice how very close the train tracks are to the shops.

Fresh meat available here

Fresh meat is ready to purchase and cook.   I, Zeb the Duck, am happy to help, but nobody seems to want my advice.

Probably alive

Some of the food is still alive.   That is really fresh.

Fresh fish

Fresh fish is always the best.   A nice selection here.

Probably squid

I think this is squid, but I’m not really sure.   Looking down the train tracks.

Train tracks very close to items for sale.

Remember, 8 times every day, displays are moved off the train tracks and awnings are folded back to let the train pass.   Then everything is replaced for easier shopping.   We were only here at the market about 30 minutes, but there is much to see and purchase.   We also saw souvenirs and household items.   Mom purchased some silk scarves.   Leaving the market, the next street looks just like any city in Thailand.

Just another town in Thailand. Almost.

We thought it was great seeing a train go through the market.   Not something I saw before.  We hope you see the train market also.