Bourbon Street Late Afternoon in New Orleans with Zeb and Soapy Duck

Can we ride in the horse carriage?

Horse Carriage

Moms said yes.   We love slow horse carriage rides.   And we see more.   This is a great way to see New Orleans.

From horse carriage

Going down these narrow streets is fun.  Our guide and driver told us wonderful stories about New Orleans and the French Quarter. We rode for about 30 minutes and we loved it.   But when we got off, Soapy’s mom wasn’t ready to leave the horse.

Such a nice horse

She and the horse had a few moments to bond.  We ducks loved the horse too, but we kept our distance.   We walked a few blocks back to Bourbon Street.   Our moms don’t drink and my mom doesn’t like the dark, so we went late in the afternoon.  **We ate at Cornet Restaurant; sitting on the balcony we had a great view of Bourbon Street.

From Cornet Restaurant

We ordered two different sampler platters.  Those moms started eating before photos.   Oh well, it was all delicious.  Looking from our table, we saw the silver man.

Silver Man

There was also a gold man.  And people walking down the street with great costumes.

Waking in costume

If you didn’t want to eat at a restaurant, Lucky Dogs cart was near.

Lucky Dogs cart

We saw these carts several places in New Orleans.   Our drivers said they were good, but there were too many other restaurants we wanted to try.    After dinner, we planned on walking along Bourbon Street and enjoy all the street entertainment.   But…

Rain on Bourbon Street

The clouds started coming in.   The the wind got stronger.   Soon it was raining on Bourbon Street.   After the rain stopped we found Rev Zombie’s VooDoo shop.

Rev Zombie’s VooDoo Shop

There was really great stuff inside.   We signed up for 5 in 1 Tour by Haunted History Tours.   Drew was our guide and he was great.   Very informative and he is a wonderful story teller.   We didn’t see ghosts, but the history and ghost stories were really fun.  Tour ended a few blocks from our hotel, so we walked home.   Remember we mentioned awhile ago the in New Orleans we heard music everywhere.   This sign shows how much they really love the music.


Another fabulous time in New Orleans.


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