Colorado Traveling Ducks Enjoy Paddleboat on the Mississippi River and Dinner with a Ghost

Walking along the Mississippi River, we really wanted to get on a boat and head out.  Moms kept saying not now, but today they bought tickets.   We are on a steamboat with a paddle wheel.

Looking at bridge over Mississippi River

Steamboat Natchez is docked right across from our hotel.   We can hear the boat music from our rooms.   Now we are looking at one of several bridges over the Mississippi River.   We didn’t want lunch on the boat.

Sitting on deck watching New Orleans

We want to stay on deck and see everything.   Lovely looking at New Orleans from this boat.

St. Louis Cathedral from our riverboat

Recognize this?   We like the view of St. Louis Cathedral from Steamboat Natchez.    It is a beautiful day to be on deck on the Mississippi River.  We are not alone.

Military ship, Cape Kennedy, patrolling Mississippi River

This military ship, Cape Kennedy, patrols the Mississippi River.  This is a major waterway and there is much commercial traffic on the river.

Lots of commercial traffic on Mississippi River

Many boats deliver materials and products up and down the river.   This is nice.

Nice house to live by the river

Living near the bank of the Mississippi River, a short distance from New Orleans.   Isn’t this a beautiful home with perfect views of the river?   We enjoyed our afternoon cruise on the Mississippi River.   Such a beautiful day and a great way to relax and soak up the atmosphere.  After our cruise, we wandered in the area and then went to sit by the river.

Paddleboat on Mississippi River with more tourists.

Our steamboat Natchez was going out for a later cruise.   It looks so nice, and now so familiar.   Last night we took a Haunted History Tour of the French Quarter.   Drew, our guide, told us about Muriel’s restaurant and we decided to return for dinner tonight.   The grand opening of this restaurant was going well, until the ghost appeared and began throwing plates and other objects.   Guests fled and the restaurant was in danger of closing before its second evening of business.   The owners called the ghost and an agreement was reached.   The restaurant would continue and there would always be a special table set for the ghost whenever ghost and friend would like to arrive for dinner.   Arriving at Muriel’s, we first asked to see the table for the ghost.

Always reserved

Very nice.  Interesting chandelier, also.   They even have another door with window looking onto Chartres Street.   No ghost eating now.   We were seated, ordered and enjoyed a delicious dinner.   Soapy and his mom had a vegetable curry dish.   Mom and I had blackened redfish fresh from the Gulf of Mexico.   Each meal was accompanied by popcorn rice.   A wonderful dinner.   After dinner we returned to the table reserved for the ghost.

Set for special guest

As you can see, the ghost was not hungry tonight.  Nothing had been eaten.   Not even a nibble from the bread.    And the wine had not been touched either.   Leaving Muriel’s and looking back, the atmosphere with the mist from the Mississippi seemed to invite ghostly creatures.

Muriel’s for dinner

Perhaps they will come for a late dinner.   We enjoyed our day in New Orleans.   When you visit we recommend a river cruise and dinner at Muriel’s.   Many great experiences will make for many great memories of New Orleans.