Denver’s Mile High Marketplace

We went to the Flea Market!  Of course, now it is called Mile High Marketplace.   Just a few miles east of Denver on I-76 and 88th Avenue, we shopped, looked and ate.  Great place.  I love funnel cakes!

Mile High Marketplace Denver Colorado

Mile High Marketplace
Denver Colorado

We talked to Mo at my favorite electronic store.

Bouncy Balls Mo's Electronics Store

Bouncy Balls Mo’s Electronics Store

He even has a machine to sell bouncy balls.  And they sure do bounce.  Never saw so many baseball caps.  My mom and Soapy’s mom wear them sometimes.  JB’s dad wears them too.  Human behavior I guess.  No hats for this duck!  Thousand of caps available there.

We sampled kettle corn and bought a small bag.  Sweet and crunchy.  A definite hit with mom and me.  We looked at new stuff in some stores and booths. Also looked at lots of used stuff from other sellers.

It is like a giant garage sale at Mile High Marketplace.  They sell everything.  I saw kitchen stuff, garage stuff, rugs and carpets, clothes, cosmetics, weights (some really heavy), flowers, hair stuff and lots of movies and books.  This is an amazing place.

One of my favorite things is all the fresh produce.

Fruit & vegetables

Fruit & vegetables

Melon, lots of fruit and vegetables.  Some I never heard of–guess mom needs to try a bigger variety of vegetables.  We bought strawberries.  We ate some when we got home.

More fruit and Vegetables

More fruit and Vegetables

They were so sweet and delicious.  She only paid $1 for a pound. Mom said it was a great deal.

Before we left, we bought a funnel cake with powdered sugar.  It is a little messy, but it sure tastes good.  Hope we go back soon.  We did not see everything in the 80 acres.

How many hats??

How many hats??

If you are planning a garage sale, this is the place to have it.  Lots of shoppers and you can shop too.  Even carnival type rides for the kids.  It only cost us $3 to get in and I loved it.  I will be looking for you there next time we go.  Can’t wait!  Visit for more details.

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