An Afternoon at the Movies

Zeb the duck had a great afternoon at the movies.  Today we went to Flatirons Mall, between Denver and Boulder.  The AMC theaters there have the best seats!  We sat in red leather power recliners.  So comfy and we watched a really funny movie.  My mom and Soapy’s mom laughed a lot.  We saw The Heat.

I'm on top of the movie ad at AMC Theaters Flatirons Mall

I’m on top of the movie ad at AMC Theaters Flatirons Mall

That’s the movie with the lady FBI officer and the local lady police officer.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should and would probably enjoy the movie and laugh a lot.

During the movie our moms ate a lot of popcorn and drank pop and slurpees.

Zeb with movie snacks

Zeb with movie snacks

Lots of eating, drinking and laughing occurred this afternoon.  After the movie, we went into the mall and they did a little shopping.  Purchases were made at Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and Sephora.  These seemed like chick stores, but some men shopping, maybe for themselves, or for ladies in their lives.   Our moms wandered through several other stores, admiring several things, but kept the credit cards in their purses.  We also sampled wonderful tea at the Tevana store.

After hours of shopping and lots of talking, our moms left the mall and stopped at McDonald’s for a little ice cream and lots more talking and laughing.  We ducks like happy human ladies.  Everybody was home before dark to do a few things and end the day with a relaxing evening.   I recommend movies.  They are fun and the popcorn is wonderful.

Red Leather Power Recliners.  I love them

Red Leather Power Recliners. I love them

My favorite theater is this AMC theater outside Flatirons Mall.  It is on the Boulder Turnpike or US 36 between Denver and Boulder.  The red leather power recliners are the best movie seats ever.  Try them soon.

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