Nederland, Colorado with Zeb

Zeb visits a mountain town

 Quaint and quirky describe Nederland.  Now adored by tourists, humans and ducks, Nederland was just a tiny mountain mining town; then in the ‘60s it became popular with the hippies.  Now Nederland is a popular mountain town near Boulder, Colorado.

We visited the Nederland Visitors Center, located across from the Blue Moon Bakery, one of my favorite stops.  We didn’t enter the souvenir shops today, but we have other times.  I like the shops.  We entered the pedestrian bridge,

View of river from bridge

View of river from bridge

crossed the river and continued to the Carousel of Happiness.

Entrance to Carousel of Happiness

Entrance to Carousel of Happiness

It was a lot of work restoring the antique carousel.  All the animals were hand-carved by Nederland resident Scott Harrison.

A rabbit on carousel sign

A rabbit on carousel sign

Everyone has fun here.  Ducks, too.

We had mini donuts at Buffalo Bill’s Coffee and Confections.

Up ramp to train car and a snack

Up ramp to train car and a snack

This snack shop is in train cars that have been adapted for customers.  My first time in a train car.  Other train cars are also used.  The donuts were very tasty.  We had the ones with cinnamon and sugar.  Yum!!  Is all food from train cars this good?  While eating we chatted with a few people.  Everyone seemed happy.  Definitely not a complaining group.  We enjoyed the stop.

Other side of Buffalo Bill's Coffee and Confections

Other side of Buffalo Bill’s Coffee and Confections

When we left it was raining.  With a longing look at the Alpaca store, we headed back to our car.  I love the rain, but mom prefers dry days to wander around towns.  Back through the pedestrian bridge, which really is a covered bridge over the creek.

Covered bridge over Boulder Creek in Nederland

Covered bridge over Boulder Creek in Nederland

Nederland has several festivals, including High Peaks Arts Festival the last weekend of June, Miner’s Days the third weekend of July, Nedfest Music & Art Festival the last weekend of August and Holiday Mountain Market the first weekend of December.  But the most famous is Frozen Dead Guy Days the second weekend of March.  I’m looking forward to this one, but only with mom’s protection.  I don’t want to be frozen or dead.  You will enjoy the many activities and festivals of Nederland.

I like Nederland and you will too.  It is in a beautiful location in the Rocky Mountains, has shops, a variety of restaurants, even a few featuring food from the Himalayas and outdoor activities for all seasons.

We visited Nederland last week, before the flooding arrived in the area.  We went on a road trip this week, so I will tell you about it on Monday.  Nederland is a wonderful town and you will enjoy your time here.  Please check the road conditions before you go.  It is still raining as mom types this, so all damage is not yet known.  Go in a few weeks and you will have a great time.  Look for me Monday and see where we went.


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