Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is really a cool town.  First we went to La Fonda Hotel.  My humans stayed there before we ducks were part of the family.  The dining room has window with small window panes.  The individual panes are hand painted with scenes or items from the southwest.

painted windows at La Fonda

Painted windows at La Fonda

I liked them.  La Fonda is the only hotel on the plaza.  The food was good, too.

We walked to Loretto Chapel.

Loretto Chapel is famous in Santa Fe

Loretto Chapel is famous in Santa Fe

This is a beautiful, old Catholic church, and they have a miracle staircase.  When the church was built, the choir area was in a loft.  In many churches the choir members were all men, so no staircase was built.  The men climbed a ladder.  But this church had a women’s choir.  They could not find a carpenter that could build a staircase for them.  Not enough room.  One day a carpenter came to the door and offered to build the staircase.  He used only a hammer, saw and carpenter square.  There are no supports for the staircase, but it works perfectly.

The Miracle Staircase

The Miracle Staircase

When they tried to pay the man, he had disappeared and left no trace of himself.  Wow!  The stairs are beautiful.  So is the chapel.

Loretto Chapel is beautiful

Loretto Chapel is beautiful

Mom paid $3.00 to see this.  I’m glad we went.  You must see this.

Near Loretto Chapel is the Cathedral Basilica to St Francis of Assisi.

St. Francis of Assisi

Cathedral Basilica to St. Francis of Assisi

This old cathedral is the most decorated and elaborate cathedral in Santa Fe.  Go inside, it is magnificent!

Then we walked to Santa Fe Plaza.  People feed the pigeons here.

So many pigeons eating in the plaza

So many pigeons eating in the plaza

Lots of pigeons!  This plaza marks the end of the Santa Fe Trail.  On one side of the plaza is the Palace of the Governors.  On the sidewalk by the Palace, I saw so much silver!  Many Native Americans bring artwork there to sell.

So many pretty things

So many pretty things

I saw so much silver, much with turquoise, so much jewelry and all beautiful.  I saw some moccasins, and Native American pottery.  So many beautiful things.

Most buildings are made with adobe.  I like adobe and have never seen so much of it.  Santa Fe has many art galleries and art stores.  Also several beautiful leather shops.  So many items relating to the southwest.  They reflect the Native American Indian crafts and the crafts of Mexico.  We even saw ristas of red chilis.

Ristas of red chills

Ristas of red chills

When you visit Santa Fe you will love it.  The adobe, the art galleries, the southwest food and the people were so nice.  If you love history, you will be in heaven.  This is just a little of what we saw and did in Santa Fe.  There are entire books written about Santa Fe activities.  Go soon and often!


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