Felines at the Denver Zoo

Denver has a wonderful zoo.

Zeb the Duck goes to the zoo

Zeb the Duck goes to the zoo

It is huge and has many animals.  The zoo also has some special exhibit areas.  To see and enjoy the entire zoo, we would need to spend a full day, never stopping, or see a little each day.  Mom and I have a zoo membership, so we visit the zoo for an hour or more several times during the year.  If you live near Denver, you would enjoy a zoo membership also.

This trip we entered and headed for the large felines.  Mom and I really love the cats.  They are so powerful and so graceful.

Mom's favorite

Mom’s favorite

Now that you know how we visit the zoo, let’s talk about this visit.

Entering the zoo, we watched the banded mongoose run and play.

Banded mongoose

Banded mongoose

Some hid under a gunnysack and then jumped out, then hid again.

I was at the zoo.  The mongoose was playing.

I was at the zoo. The mongoose was playing.

In the same enclosure we watched the African crested porcupines.

African porcupines

African crested porcupines

They were lounging, not very active today.

Next exhibit were the dik diks.  These look like baby impalas or baby deer.

Dik Dik.  So little and cute.

Dik Dik. So little and cute.

However they are full grown.  Just look like toys.

I was with mom and saw all these animals also.  It was hard to get pictures of me, Zeb the Duck, with these animals.  They are so big and I would not go in the cage with them.  Next time at the zoo there will be more pictures of me.

Then we saw the servals.  These are African felines that hunt in tall grasses in Africa.  They hunt by sound rather than by sight.  We saw them, but they were too close to the fence for a good photo.  Then we watched the leopard.

Leopards climb trees

Leopards climb trees

This feline often sits in trees for a better view, and will usually take their meal in a tree with them.  The leopard then feels safe from everything, except humans.  So, when on an African safari, look up to see the rare leopard.

Siberian tigers are mom’s favorites.  Now I know why.  They are beautiful.  We saw the tiger calmly resting and waiting for dinner.  Dinner arrived, and this huge feline ate, while exhibiting good table manners.

Tiger with dinner

Tiger with dinner

Such grace and calmness.  WOW!!

Walking to the African exhibits, we saw this cheetah.  A cheetah is the fastest land animal, sprinting at 70 mph.

Cheetahs are fast!

Cheetahs are fast!

With speed and grace this feline is a real classy animal.  Never knew I would learn so much at the zoo and see such magnificent animals.

I am looking forward to our next zoo visit.  Go to www.denverzoo.org  to learn more.  I hope to see you at the zoo on my next visit.  You will enjoy your day here.  I, Zeb the Duck, love the zoo.


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