Trader Joe’s in Denver

A new grocery store came to Denver.  On February 14, 2014, Trader Joe’s opened in Denver.

Finally in Colorado

Finally in Colorado

Thousands of shoppers waited hours to enter, explore and purchase items.  Mom and I, Zeb the Duck, went yesterday.  Over 2 months later and the parking lot is full.  This is some of what you will find when you go.

The floral section is near the entrance.

Spring plants

Spring plants

Different choices.  Lots of bananas in the produce department.

Price has not changed in many years.

Price has not changed in 13 years!

These bananas cost 19 cents per banana.  Mom says that is less than most stores charge.

You will appreciate different items in the beverage section.  How about this cold brew coffee concentrate.

New to this duck

New to this duck

And check out these cartons of coconut milk, rice drink and almond breeze.

Almond Breeze???

Almond Breeze???

Something new for us.

We visited Trader Joe’s at 8th and Colorado Boulevard in Denver.  This is currently the only Trader Joe’s in Colorado to have a 3700 square foot wine shop.  Such a big selection of wine.  Here is the famous $3 bottle of Chuck.


Charles Shaw discount wine, or Chuck

There are wines from all over the world in this store.

The best selling item from Trader Joe’s is cookie butter.

Sounds interesting

Sounds interesting

We bought bananas and cookie butter.  The aisles are wide with items attractively displayed.  Mom said we will come back again.  And, Trader Joe’s say they like us also.

They love us!

They love us!

Hope to see you at Trader Joe’s soon.

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