This Animal has Three sets of Eyelids

Yesterday we went to US Bank.   They usually have a sign with quiz for the day.  This one was new to us.  What animal has three sets of eyelids?  The correct answer, according to the teller, is a camel.  They have 2 sets with eyelashes to help protect their eyes from sand.  The third set is very thin and acts as a “windshield wiper” to clean the eyes.  This thin eyelid opens and closes from side to side, not up and down.  This eyelid is thin enough that the camel can somewhat see through it.   During sandstorms or high winds, the camels often close this thin lid to protect the eyes, but still able to see where they are going.   Wow!  I am so glad we went to the bank and learned this.  I never knew about three sets of eyelids.

A camel

A camel

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