Vincenza’s for Lunch

I, Zeb the Duck, and mom met friends at Vincenza’s Italian Restaurant and Bakery, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.



Lunch was wonderful.  All the humans ordered Italian Sausage Sandwiches with a small bowl of minestrone.  They loved the food.  Two ordered the sandwich with white bread and one ordered wheat bread.

Zeb, Channel and Winnie with lunch

Zeb, Channel and Winnie with lunch

They said the soup was really good and had a little spice, but certainly not overpowering.  The sandwiches were big and each human lady took half a sandwich home for a later lunch.

This restaurant was part of the Wheat Ridge Dairy but has been Vincenza’s Bakery for 13 years now.   The décor was cute and Italian.

Nice picture

Nice picture

The bread is freshly baked here.

We love fresh bread

We love fresh bread

It is so good.   Mom had friends here, and so did I.  My friend, Channel the Bear, was here. I also met a new friend, Winnie the Pooh.

This sounds good

This sounds good

Winnie, Channel and I enjoyed the afternoon a lot.

You will like this restaurant, and as I said, it is also a bakery.  Look at this stuff.



So good.  Vincenza’s also caters.

Catering?  Great idea

Catering? Great idea

You should try this place.   We liked it and we think you will also.

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