The Lincoln Monument in Wyoming

There is a Lincoln Monument in Wyoming.   The first transcontinental highway, first named the Lincoln Highway, then US 30, passes through Wyoming.   I-80 now follows much of that route through Wyoming.   In 1958, Dr. Charles E. Jeffrey sponsored a project to erect a Lincoln memorial on top of Sherman Hill,

Lincoln Monument

Lincoln Monument

the highest point of the highway.

Exit 323 on I-80 in southern Wyoming will take you to Summit Rest Area, the highest point on I-80, and the Lincoln Monument.

Highest point on I-80 at 8640 feet

Highest point on I-80 at 8640 feet

This bronze bust is 13 ½ feet high.  The granite base is 35 feet high.   The bust was designed and created by Robert I. Russin, a former University of Wyoming art professor and Wyoming’s best known sculptor.

The project took over 11 months and 10 tons of clay to complete.

Bust of Lincoln

Bust of Lincoln

Russin needed to work in a constant, favorable climate so the 4,500 pound bust was formed and cast in Mexico City, then transported to Wyoming by train.

The base is a hollow concrete pillar filled with ladders and lightning rods. The head was cast in 30 pieces and is bolted together, much like the inside of the Statue of Liberty.

Very big and very impressive

Very big and very impressive

It is the only monument to Abraham Lincoln along the Lincoln Highway and is the largest bronze head in the U.S.

A memorial honoring the late Robert I. and Adele M. Russin is near the Lincoln Monument. Russin, the sculptor, had a great fascination with Abraham Lincoln that inspired this work.

Memorial to Russin

Memorial to Robert and Adele Russin

Russin also named his second son Lincoln.  We hope you will see this monument in Wyoming.

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