A Snowy Day in Denver

I, Zeb the Duck, was ready for a day trip to our Rocky Mountains yesterday, but it did not happen.  The weather forecast correctly told us that we would receive snow.   So, instead of a trip to the mountains, we shoveled the driveway.   One of our wonderful neighbors was shoveling our sidewalks by 8:30 a.m.   Then we stayed inside and mom baked banana bread.   Smelled good and tasted great.    We did go outside for a couple pictures.

Fresh white snow

Fresh white snow

The snow does look pretty here.   So white and clean.   Now I am on the hot tub cover.

Zeb on the hot tub cover with about 10 inches of snow

Zeb on the hot tub cover with about 10 inches of snow

I am light enough to sit on top of the snow, but this stick shows a little more than 10 inches of snow.   The hot tub is in a corner of our yard, against the house, so the rest of the yard may have received more or less.   As mom is writing this Sunday evening, it is snowing again.   We do not have the snowstorms other parts of the country received this year, but this enough for us for now.   We hope you are enjoying your winter and seeing some pretty snow as well.   It should be sunny again in a couple days.


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