Zeb and Eider Duck in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

After Rifle, Colorado, we got back on I-70 returning to Denver.   We stopped at Glenwood Springs, Colorado.   You might remember that Doc Holliday was with the three Earp Brothers during the shoot out at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona.   Shortly after the shoot out in Arizona, Doc Holliday moved to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.   That was a great place for treatment if you had consumption, or tuberculosis at that time.   We went to Doc Holliday’s saloon.

We like Doc Holliday

We like Doc Holliday

Good painting on the window here.     This guy invites us in, so in we go.

Come in!

Come in!

Friendly place.     This is the sign from Doc Holliday’s office.

John Holliday, Dentist

John Holliday, Dentist

Remember, he was a dentist.     There are some great photos on this wall.

Old photos from Doc's past

Old photos from Doc’s past

This one is labeled Gunfight at OK Coral Aftermath, October 26, 1881.

From the OK Corral...Aftermath???

From the OK Corral…Aftermath???

On the left is Gunfighter Doc Holliday with U.S. Marshall Wyatt Earp.   In the center are U.S. Marshall Virgil Earp and Mrs. Allie Earp.   On the right, we see U.S. Marshall Morgan Earp and Mrs. Lou Earp.   This photo is from Tombstone, Arizona Territory.   This is a later photo of Wyatt Earp.

Wyatt Earp in

Wyatt Earp in 1926

The caption says Wyatt Earp as he appeared in 1926.   The Budweiser Beer Wagon at KD Hughes Wholesale Liquor at 824 Grand Avenue, here in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is a favorite of ours.

Budweiser Beer Wagon

Budweiser Beer Wagon

The saloon is great and so are the food and beverages.   We think you would like this place and hope you will stop in when you are in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Hope you visit Doc Holliday's Saloon

Hope you visit Doc Holliday’s Saloon, but don’t argue



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