We loved lunch at Denver’s oldest Italian Restaurant

Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck anticipate lunch at Patsy’s.

Let's eat at Patsy's

Let’s eat at Patsy’s

Patsy’s, opened in 1921, by Mike and Maggie Aiello, is Denver’s oldest Italian restaurant and is still owned by the same family.   We went into the main restaurant, but there is another section, Patsy’s Pizzeria.

Patsy's Pizzeria. With new patio

Patsy’s Pizzeria. With new patio

Joseph greeted us at the door and let us pick our table.

We can sit where we want

We can sit where we want

Joseph took care of us while we were there.   We like Joseph.

We like Joseph

We like Joseph

He is very friendly and brought us food and lots of beverages.   Our food was delicious.    We ordered cavatelli with original spaghetti sauce.

Yum. Great flavors but not overpowering.

Yum.   Great flavors but not overpowering.

We also ordered Patsy’s speciality of homemade spaghetti with a meatball.   Each human also enjoyed a bowl of homemade minestrone.   Fresh bread was included.   Everything was very tasty, fresh, and the portions were huge.   Along the wall of the dining room, we admired this hand painted mural.

Hand painted mural

Hand painted mural

So many famous scenes from Italy.   After eating, we walked to the bar.   Behind the bar is a bullet hole.

There is a bullet hole in the wall between us

There is a bullet hole in the wall between us

The story says that a married man came to the bar with a woman that was not his wife.   His wife knew.   The wife came into the bar, fired two shots, injuring no one, and walked out.   The husband understood what he needed to do.   We believe actions do speak louder than words.   Recently the patio by Patsy’s Pizzeria was added.   During the work, the owners went into the dirt basement that had been filled with mud.   They found bottles, glasses, photos and other item previously used in the restaurant.   Rumor says that there is also a body buried 8 feet under the restaurant.   We don’t know, but upstairs, we decided not to go through this door.

Door to somewhere

Door to somewhere

You just never know what you may find.   Another dining area?   Stairway to a body?   We stayed upstairs by the bar.   The other patrons talked to us and told us stories about Patsy’s.

Friendly bar

Friendly bar

We really liked Patsy’s and we will come back again.   When you are in Denver, head to 3651 Navajo Street, Denver to enjoy a great meal and a fantastic experience at Patsy’s.   When you visit Patsy’s, tell Joseph we will be back soon.   For more information visit http://www.patsysinn.com


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