National Doughnut Day 2016

We love donuts!   Today, the first Friday in June, is National Doughnut Day.    This holiday was created by the Salvation Army in 1938.   The day recognizes the Salvation Army Doughnut Lassies.   Those are the ladies that served free donuts to the soldiers during World War I.

Salvation Army Doughnut Lassie of World War I

Salvation Army Doughnut Lassie of World War I

This holiday began in 1938 as a fund raiser for Chicago’s Salvation Army, to help people during the Great Depression.   Today some donut stores are giving free donuts, often asking for a donation for the local Salvation Army.   We love donuts and we support the Salvation Army.  We will be at our donut shop, eating donuts and donating to the Salvation Army.

After the photo, we ate some donuts at Dunkin' Donuts

After the photo, we ate some donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts

This is a great day for ducks and humans!


2 thoughts on “National Doughnut Day 2016

  1. I went to try a new doughnut place today, in celebration of National Doughnut Day, and they had already sold out and closed for the day! Good for the diet, I guess, but disappointing. And it means no new doughnut post for my blog.

    • We went out to lunch today, so only had a donut at grocery store. Cake donut with white frosting and coconut. Grocery store type, but still good. Had hoped to visit Krispy Kreme, but ate too much for lunch. Always love reading about your new places in New York so sorry your new store was sold out. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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