National Thank A Mail Carrier Day Today, February 4

In the United States we get free mail delivery six days a week.   Almost everyone is entitled to free mail delivery to their house.   Our mail delivery person comes to our front door and puts the mail in the mailbox attached to the front of our house.   Our mail carrier comes when it is very hot, when it is very cold, when it is hot and sunny, when it is cold and snowy, when it is raining.   Our mail is delivered every day except Sunday.   And even on Sunday, our packages are delivered.   The humans that deliver the mail, walk 5-10 miles every day, carrying the mail.   Some drive to each house and they walk from the street to each house with mail, then walk back to the mail truck.   They are walking and doing step aerobics all day, every day.

We thank Letter Carriers!

We thank Letter Carriers!

We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks and the humans want to thank the mail carriers today, February 4, and every day.   We really do appreciate all that you do for us.


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