We Will Always Love Stevie

A few days after mom and I came home from Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital, Stevie, the black lab died.   Stevie lived with Soapy Smith Duck and his mom for 14 1/2 years.   Stevie joined us on many Colorado day trips.   Stevie loved to romp and rest in our various parks.

Stevie at Secrest Park

She came to my house on Halloween, often in costume.

Stevie in her Halloween costume

We would sit on the front porch handing out candy to trick or treaters.  All the kids loved her.   Stevie went with us to Central City, an old Colorado mining town and seemed to like the old equipment.

Steve loves to explore but stays with the humans

One summer we went to Woof Fest in Denver’s City Park.

Steve strutting her stuff!

She was proud of her tattoo and tolerated her ruffled collar.   In the fall, she picked out a pumpkin at a local pumpkin patch.

Steve is busy exploring in pumpkin fields

This past January we were in Winter Park for a sleigh ride.   After the ride Stevie and her new friend, Chip, played.

Chip and Stevie

One day at Echo Lake, near the entrance to Mount Evans, Stevie gave me, Zeb the Duck, a ride along the lake shore.

Zeb riding Steve at Echo Lake

Our Stevie was always ready to go for a car ride.

Stevie loved car trips

She traveled all over Colorado and even enjoyed trips to northern Minnesota to frolic on the shoreline of Lake Superior.   Stevie, we miss you and will always remember and love you.   You, our friends that have loved and lost dear pets, know exactly how we feel.


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