Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates with Zeb and Chanel

November 2005, Mall of the Emirates opened in Dubai.   It was huge, it was exciting and it was new.   Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear explored this mall.

Mall of the Emirates

It is beautiful.   In the 12 years since it open, Mall of the Emirates has added something.   Ski Dubai, a real indoor ski area is inside this mall.

Ski Dubai

This is not a cute model snow village.   This is life size and humans play inside.   Here is part of the track for riding on sleds, similar to the luge.


We, Zeb the Duck, and Chanel the Bear, are watching skiers at the top of the photo and other humans enjoying the tubing hill at the bottom of the photo.

Skiing and tubing

These huge balls are fun.   Humans get inside and down the hill they go.

Humans inside balls

Also here, but not visible from the windows, is a penguin encounter.   Real penguins are inside and humans see them and learn about them, and then humans can touch and hug the penguins.   Imagine–penguins in the desert.   This mall has three levels with over 700 stores.

Mall of the Emirates

Inside the Mall of the Emirates there are several restaurants and cafes.

Mall of the Emirates

We really liked the outside wall of Hollister of California.

Hollister of California

This a surfing video and you can watch the surfers actually surf.   We liked it a lot.  As always, shopping and looking makes the humans, duck and bear hungry.   In the Cafe Moritz, we had a table by the window looking into the ski area.   It was fun to see humans skiing.   And, to add to the skiing atmosphere, we really enjoyed this fireplace.

Cafe Moritz fireplace

This mall also has theaters and Magic Planet.   Magic Planet is the largest indoor family interment center in Dubai.   This mall is fun for tourists like us, but if we lived here, we would probably be here a lot during the extremely hot summer months.   Dubai certainly has many attractions to offer.


4 thoughts on “Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates with Zeb and Chanel

    • The malls in Dubai seemed to be complete entertainment centers. And with the effort to be the biggest and best, it was all fascinating. Snow skiing with the hot desert heat outside in the summers. This would be fun. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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