Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck Visit Grand Lake, Colorado and Quacker Gift Shop

Did we mention that we love our home state of Colorado.   Well, we do.   We even have a special gift shop here.   Grand Lake, Colorado is a lake and a town, located at the western entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky Mountain National Park, west entrance

Let’s visit a little of the park.   We can drive through Rocky Mountain National Park, on the highest continuous paved road in the United States.   Trail Ridge Road connects Grand Lake on the west with Estes Park on the east.   But today, we just go a little way into the park.   We want to see some elk.   Here is one.


Elk on the move.   We really saw several elk today in several places in the park.   Sitting on this fallen tree, we appreciate our Colorado scenery.

In Rocky Mountain National Park

We love our mountains, the meadow, the stream and the elk resting.   But mom, what about our store?   Back in the resort town of Grand Lake, we find The Quacker Gift Shop.

The Quacker Gift Shop.

While there are other items available, the main focus of this gift shop is us–rubber ducks!   From the vantage point on the large duck’s bill, we can see much of the available merchandise.

View from a duck bill

And there is a lot!   Let’s sit on the top shelf by duck caps and the Jumbo Ducks.

Sitting by duck caps and Jumbo Ducks

And still more.

Dreaming of wonderful jam

We enjoy this shelf, sitting by locally made jams.   Yummy!  And Celebrity Ducks.

Celebrity Ducks, and us

So many.   Sitting by the pink flamingo, we are near ducks from The Wizard of Oz, a KISS duck and so many more.

Are we celebrity ducks?

Of course some new ducks came home to join our family.

The newest members of our duck family

The moms purchased fresh fudge also.   After lunch at The Hub, the fudge was sampled and appreciated.   Grand Lake is a town located on Grand Lake, the largest natural lake in Colorado.

Grand Lake

Isn’t the lake pretty?  Grand Lake was formed by glaciation about 30,000 years ago.

Grand Lake

Glaciers are gone and we have a beautiful recreation area.   On the beach some children built a sand castle.

Beach at Grand Lake

The swimming area is clearly separated from the boating area for everyone’s safety.   And boats.

Boats available at Grand Lake

Boats can be rented by the hour.   Maybe next time.   We didn’t allow enough time to fully enjoy Grand Lake.   Boat tours are also available.   We will be back here.   Grand Lake has long been known as the headwaters of the Colorado River.   And the mighty Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon, one the top natural wonders of the world.   Grand Lake is about 2 hours from our home near Denver.   We can come for a day, a weekend or a week.   But, we will be back here often.   We ducks must revisit the gift shop dedicated to us and rubber ducks everywhere.


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