Dogs in the Pubic Swimming Pool

We can’t believe it!   Dogs are in the swimming pool near us.

Young boy and dog in falling water

This swimming pool and park are near our house.   Usually we see many children in the pool, but today dogs are welcome here.   Our public school began classes on Thursday.   Friday was the last day for regular season swimming in the pool.   Saturday, the pool was open to humans and their dogs.   Dogs were allowed in the pool with a human, for two hours.

Lots of dogs in here

And many dogs enjoyed the pool.   We ducks did not go into the pool, but we did look through the fence.

Dogs of various sizes

See the dogs of all sizes and colors.   And they are going in the pool.   This fellow loves swimming with a frisbee.

Swimming with a pink frisbee

Maybe this dog needed a little persuasion to go in the water.

Hold me dad

He seems very happy with his human.   These two love to swim.

Born to swim

Maybe they were here last year.   When the two hours were finished, the dogs and families left the pool.

No problems when it is time to leave.

We saw many wet, happy dogs today.   Now the pool has been cleaned, drained and covered, waiting for next summer.


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