Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck See the Countryside of India

We were surprised to see so much open land between cities.   Our tour covered the Golden Triangle.   The three cities were Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.   These cities are all within an easy day drive.   Traveling by bus, we were able to see more of India.   The farm land was a pleasant surprise.

Man working in his field

This man is working in his field.   Something is happening.   We are pulling off the road.   Our bus is broken.

Our bus is broken

Our driver and assistant tried to repair the bus, but a new one is coming for us.   We get off the bus, stand outside enjoying the breeze and look around.

Herding goats

A man is herding these goats.


We like the shape of this hut.   Another day we stopped for lunch.

Statue of elephant at entrance to our lunch stop

Mom wanted a picture of the elephant statue.   She really liked it.  Then she decided to get a photo of us with the elephant statue in the background.

Friendly man poses with ducks

This friendly gentleman offered to pose with us.   Isn’t that great?   We loved it!  Camel carts.

Camel carts, working

These are working camel carts.   We do not know what they are carrying, but it looks interesting.   On our way back to Delhi, we noticed something along the road.

Motorcycle, fruit stand and monkeys

The motorcycle stopped by the fruit stand, but there are monkeys here.   Jesse, our guide, gets off the bus, purchases watermelon, cuts it up and feeds the monkeys and cow.

And a cow

There are monkeys coming from everywhere.

All eating watermelon

We tourists, humans and ducks, are enthralled at this scene.   Don’t  you love it? There is even a monkey on top of the cart.   Well, our time in India is ending.   We are back in Delhi now.

Hindu symbol, behind tree

This Hindu statue is partially behind a tree, but it was the only we could get a picture without a vehicle in our way.   And yes, there are many vehicles here.

Lines at toll booth

This is not a parking lot.   All these cars have drivers and they are in several lines to pay at the toll booth.   Very few cars in the rural areas, but the cities are really crowded.   We came to India with SmarTours travel company.   We think they did a very nice tour for us.   If you are thinking of visiting India, see what is offered at http://www.SmarTours.com   Well, this is the end.

Farewell to India

Farewell to India.   We had a wonderful time and saw so much.


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