Sand in the City with Zeb the Duck

Last Sunday I, Zeb the Duck, took mom to a festival, Sand in the City.   We went to Arvada, a suburb of Denver.   No oceans nearby, but sand was brought in and there was a beach party atmosphere.

Sand in the City in Arvada, Colorado

As we entered, this was our first sand sculpture.

Sand sculpture

About emotions.   There were many sand sculptures.

Sand sculpture

This one says Smash.  As you can guess, there were many human children.   When children are around, they often want to pick me up and take me home.   That is why mom doesn’t put me down and I am not in all the photos.   Look at this sculpture.

Sand sculpture with my giant relative

Sponsored by a local hospital, they have one of my giant relatives here.   We went to the back and I am in the picture with one of my favorite relatives.

I’m by a famous relative. And an ambulance?

And an ambulance?   Hope we don’t need one today.   This sculpture won first place.

First place sand sculpture

It is sponsored by Red Rocks Community College.   We just liked this one.

Sand Sculpture

No reason, we like it.   The Boy Scouts made this sculpture.

Sand Sculpture from Boy Scouts

We like the Boy Scouts.

Good detail work by Boy Scouts

Nice details guys.   With all the sand, we found the area for small humans to play in the sand.

Small humans play in sand

Looks like fun.   And this looks fun also.

Little humans have hula hoops and balls

Hula hoops and balls.   Too bad I, Zeb the Duck, am not human.   There were many other activities for children.   The large balls they get inside and try to walk.   Also face painting.   Lots of vendors selling great stuff.   And the food.   These are our two favorite festival food booths.

Our favorite food booths

We love Kettle Corn and Funnel Cakes are irresistible.   Some great costumes.

Cute costumes

Aren’t they cute?  The entertainment stage always seemed to have musicians.   And dancers.


Our beach party featured Pacific Island dances from Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and others.   Dark storm clouds were coming over our Rocky Mountains.

Dark clouds. Time to leave?

We decided it might be time to leave.   Not raining yet, but we walked to our car and within 3 minutes in was raining hard.   We don’t know if the sand sculptures were covered or if they were damaged.   The festival had a few more hours before scheduled closing, but we think the sculptures were damaged.   A few hours later, the rain stopped, the sun was shining and our bright blue Colorado sky was clear.   We hope you are enjoying festivals this summer.   They are fun.


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