Dogs in Costume Go On Parade

I, Zeb the Duck, went to Toby’s Pet Parade and Fair.   This pet fair is a fundraiser for Foothills Animal Shelter.   We love animals.   We love parades.   We love fairs.   So here we are, in Golden, Colorado, a western suburb of Denver.

Welcome to Golden, Colorado

There were more than 200 dogs in costume in the parade.   Many more at fair, but not in the parade.   This was cute.

Spot on banking from Credit Union of Denver. Main sponsor of parade and fair

Spot on Banking from Credit Union of Denver, a major sponsor of Toby’s Pet Parade and Fair.   One category in the parade was look like your dog.

Hot dog costumes

We liked the hot dog costumes.   And what is this?

Chia pet dog

Shrub dog?  Of course not.   This is Chia Pet dog.  Adorable.  Need to solve a mystery?

Sherlock Holmes dog

Sherlock Holmes dog is here to help.   Camper dog is ready to go out.

Camping dog

So many people camp in and around the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Another matching costume.

Bee costumes

We love the bright bee attire.   It is autumn in Colorado and hunting season is right around the corner.

Hunting dog

Hunting dog is ready.  Toby, an Australian Shepherd, is Foothill Animal Shelter’s official Mascot.

Toby. Mascot for Foothills Animal Shelter

He was found 3 years ago in bad shape, but recovered and now has a loving, forever home.   Another entry in the look like your dog category.

Look like your dog contestant.

They didn’t win, but they sure got our attention.   We love them.   This dog was not in the parade or any contest.

Not in parade, but loved the lion look

But we loved the grooming and the lion appearance.   Here are some winners from the parade.   In the Macho Dog category.

Winner. Macho dog category

Love the leather.   Biker dog?  Next winner will make most dog owners laugh, and groan.

Winner. Fart Factory

This dog is the Fact Factory.   We like this boy and his dog.

Winner. Look like your dog category

Firemen and winner of look like your dog category.   I, Zeb the Duck, was there enjoying the parade, but I don’t get too close to dogs.   Too many times a dog thought I was one of his toys.   So, I look from a distance.   But this is safe.

Dog treats. We bought some!

We like special dog treats for the dogs in our extended family.   We bought treats with apples in them.   Really sounds good.   Since this was a fund raiser, we did give a donation.   All donations will be doubled by Tito’s Handmade Vodka.   We hope a lot of money was raised for our Foothills Animal Shelter.   We had fun and we think the dogs had fun also.   Maybe we will see you there next year.


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