Zeb the Duck Sees What at Park Meadows Mall?

We love Christmas decorations.   Shortly after malls open in December, during the week, mom and I visit a few malls.   There are not too many shoppers there then and the decorations are beautiful.   This December we visited Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado.   This is in the southeast Denver area, located on I-25.   First stop was this Christmas tree, just outside Dillard’s department store.

Christmas tree at Park Meadows Mall

Santa Claus was also in this area, but difficult to see everything.   So, up the stairs to the second floor of Park Meadows.

Santa’s area, Park Meadows Mall

Pretty clear that this is Santa’s area.   Looking down the main hall of the mall.

Christmas decorations at Park Meadows Mall

These beautiful Christmas decorations make us smile.   But, let’s walk a little and see more.

Entrance to Nordstrom’s

This is the entrance to Nordstrom’s department store.   I, Zeb the Duck, just love this snowman.  Don’t you just love Christmas decorations?  But what is this?

Tesla showroom inside Park Meadows Mall

We are inside the mall, and there is a Tesla car showroom?  OK, let’s go look.  Tesla may be known for electric cars, but I’m sure interested in the back doors of this white Tesla.

Tesla inside mall

Maybe like bird wings?   Very unusual and nice.   And one of my favorite colors.

Tesla inside mall

I really like this bright red Tesla.  All those white spots are reflections from ceiling lots.   My red Tesla doesn’t not have spots.    Mom is shaking her head no.   OK.   No Tesla for us today.   This is something new.   I know Amazon.   Everybody buys something from Amazon and it is delivered to our homes.

Amazon store inside Park Meadows Mall

But now, an Amazon store in the mall.   This is my first time inside an Amazon store.   There is some of everything.   But only the best sellers.   This is fun.   Another day we visited Southwest Plaza, a mall in the southwest area of Denver.   We really liked this Santa visitation area.

Santa’s area, Southwest Plaza

Santa had just arrived and the children came to see him as soon as we took this photo.   We hope you had some time to visit and enjoy the decorations in the malls and all over your town.


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