Near the Melia Nassau Beach Resort with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

Our all inclusive resort has everything, so no real need to leave, but, of course, ducks want to explore a little.   Across the street from our resort is a small market.    And, check this out.

Daiquiri Shack

We have a Daiquiri Shack.   And, of course, more shopping opportunities.

Shopping opportunity

Even if we don’t buy, we enjoy talking to the venders and looking at all the interesting things available.   From our resort, Melia Nassau Beach Resort, we like to walk along the beach, passing a few other resorts.   A very nice lady was selling items here.   We liked the masks and she let us sit by the masks while mom took our photo.

Nice masks

And she offered much more than masks.

So many things

She was a very nice lady.   And what better way to relax on the beach than in a hammock.

Relaxing in a hammock on the beach

We three ducks, love hammocks.   Of course with so many humans on the beach and in the ocean, they needed the help of the Colorado Traveling Ducks.

Colorado Traveling Ducks helping lifeguards.

Here we are on the lifeguard stand.   As you can see here, the beach in Nassau is beautiful and quite wide.

Wide beach. Not crowded now.

Not too crowded either.   But, let’s tell you the real reason we are in Nassau now.   Remember when we first arrived we said there were other humans we knew and some we were meeting for the first time.   One of our Colorado Traveling Ducks, Bucket Duck (he wears the red tie) lives with his dad.   We are here for a wedding.   Bucket Duck’s dad got married here in Nassau on the beach at sunset.   There were 18 humans and 3 ducks here for the happy occasion.  We had a wonderful time.   Everybody here was so nice and friendly.   After the wedding, everyone stayed a couple days.   The guests returned home and the happy couple spent a couple days in Miami, Florida, enjoyed a Caribbean cruise, then a few more days in Miami and finally home.   The sunset wedding was beautiful.


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