England’s Windsor Castle with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

This is our last day in London.   Already?   There is still so much more to see.   On the way to the airport we will tour Windsor Castle.   Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.   Bus takes us to the parking area, we walk through gates and up the street.   Lots of shopping available here.   Near the entrance, we spotted this cannon.

To guard Windsor Castle

More walking up hill on the street.   Before entering, this view is great.

Autumn view from Windsor Castle

The fall leaves are turning colors and there was a break in the English rain.  Here we go.

Ready to enter castle

Ready to enter castle.   Airport type security to enter castle and no photos are allowed inside the castle.   We can’t show you anything to make you want to go, but we can say.   Go to Windsor Castle.   You will enjoy it!   We had head phones that explained what we were seeing.  Be sure to visit Queen Mary’s Doll House near the entrance.   It is spectacular. There was a major fire here in 1992 but now the damaged rooms are reopened.   You will also see many of the royal treasures.   The present Queen of England, Queen Elizbeth II spends many weekends here.   Exiting the castle, our first stop is Middle Ward Shop.

Middle Ward Shop

This shop has many souvenirs of the castle and of England.   Of course we made some purchases.   Look at these stuffed animals.

Shopping in Middle Ward Shop

They are cute, but not as cute as the Colorado Traveling Ducks.   From Middle Ward Shop we look back at Windsor Castle.

Raining at Windsor Castle

As you can see, the English rain has resumed.   Walking, we spotted this guard at St. George’s Chapel, at Windsor Castle.

Guarding Windsor Castle

At Buckingham Palace, we did not see this group of guards.   We are happy to see this guard with his red uniform and bear skin hat.


Periodically, this guard would march in front of his area.   It was fun to watch him.   There are many shops on the streets and it is easy to become separated from your group, friends or family.

Under purple crown

Under the purple crown is a great place to meet.  And look at this.

Windsor Duck Tours

Windsor Castle has Duck Tours.   These vehicles are fun to ride in as they can go many places cars and buses cannot.   This is the place.

Queen for the Day

Every woman wants to be queen for the day.   Ladies, here is your crown.  Of course, we think Soapy’s mom is always royalty.   Windsor Castle was founded in the 11th century by William the Conquerer.   Thirty-nine monarchs have lived here.   Heading toward the parking lot, we loved the pink sculpture.

So cute

Doesn’t this make you smile?  And the train engine.

Train station here

Reminds us this is a train station.   Before getting on our bus, we turn for one last look.

Last look at Windsor Castle in the rain

Farewell to Windsor Castle.   We continued to London’s Heathrow Airport for our next flight.   We want to explain about this tour.   We are with SmarTours on the Around The World in 21 Days trip.   We will visit 6 cities, on 5 continents, staying only 3 days in each location.   So there are many things we will not see, but we will enjoy this trip.   So join us for a fast paced 3 weeks.

Ready for Christmas at London’s Heathrow Airport

And an airport reminder, Christmas is coming soon.


9 thoughts on “England’s Windsor Castle with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

  1. I love the shops near Windsor Castle. When I was there I bought a long winter coat (part cashmere) which was warm for those cold days. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

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