Cairo’s Khan El-Khalili Market with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Let’s go shopping.    We are going to Khan El-Khalili Market today.  Located in old Cairo, we are ready.   Soapy’s mom and Stephanie are ready to explore.

Heading through El-Khalili Market

This store has such a variety.


We love the souq.  We ducks are resting for a moment.

in market

Soapy’s mom is watching us.  Everybody is friendly here.

New friend in market

This is our new friend.   So many things to see and purchase.


Wikipedia says this market was started in the 14th century.   This is the oldest open air market in the Middle East.  You can see this is a fabulous building.   Some of the market is indoors and some is outdoors.   Soapy’s mom and Stephanie found ankle bracelets here.

another new friend

This man likes the Colorado Traveling Ducks.   He is another new friend for us.  This market is huge.   There are many small cafes here also.   As always, we could use more time, but when we are on a tour, we need to return to the bus on time.  We carry our purchases and walk to the bus.   We have taken you to the Giza pyramids, built around 2560 BC.   Also to the Museum of Antiquities showing ancient artifacts.   And to this market from the 14th century.   But we wan to remind you that Cairo is also a very modern city.

modern Cairo

Modern buildings.

Modern Cairo

Cairo is a very complex city, with the very old and also the new modern buildings.   We would love more time to explore more of Cairo, but this is our last day in Cairo.   We will travel to Abu Dhabi, UAE, and wait in the airport 6 hours.   Then another plane to Bangkok, Thailand.   This will be our longest traveling day during our tour.   We need to pack so we can tell you about Bangkok next time.


12 thoughts on “Cairo’s Khan El-Khalili Market with Colorado Traveling Ducks

  1. So incredible. And what a history of that market, 14th century is like 600 years ago. It would have been tough getting away. There looks to be so much to see in each of those shops. Thank you for sharing! 😀

  2. Hi Betty! Sounds like you are on another grand adventure! I pop in and read your posts a couple of times a year and I’m so happy that you continue to explore the world! Have fun! From your Malawi adventure friend. 🙂

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