Ice Festival in Cripple Creek, Colorado with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Cripple Creek is one of our favorite mountain towns.  In February we went to the 13th annual Cripple Creek Ice Festival.

Welcome to Cripple Creek

Sculpting ice starts with chain saws and ends with tiny tools for great details in the ice.   Previous years a committee had a theme and all carvers followed the theme.   This year it was Carver’s Choice.   First we saw these carvings of Giant Insects in Ice by Snice Carvings.

Giant insects of ice

We love these giant insects.

Giant insects of ice

And every show needs a lady bug.

Ice sculptures

This crab even has the markings on his back.

Giant insects

Remember, Cripple Creek has limited stakes gambling.

Poker table of ice

There were real cards under the ice on this poker table.  And we all love Mystical Creatures.

Ice sculptures

This display of mystical creatures in ice won the People’s Choice Award.  All are magnificent, but we do love unicorns.

Ice sculptures

Toy Story 4, because we are all kids at heart.

Ice sculptures Toy Story 4

Balancing on ice?

Ice sculptures

This sculptures is for touching, but sitting on an ice hat is rather chilly.

Ice hats are cold


Ice sculptures

The gang is here.  Shivering makes small ducks hungry.

Kiki’s Cookies and Cakes

Kiki’s Cookies and Cakes are tempting.   Maybe grilled meat sandwiches?

Great food available

So many choices.  And all are delicious.

Bennett Street, Cripple Creek

If it were warm outside, mom would be in that ice cream parlor.  This ice slide is for young humans.

Ice slide

They sit on mats and slide down.   The kids are having a great time.  And of course one of our favorites, funnel cakes.

No need to be hungry

But elephant ears?  We are ready to try anything.  Another reminder.

Cripple Creek has limited stakes gambling

Cripple Creek does have limited stakes gambling.   But today we are just looking at ice sculptures and snacking.   Perhaps casino hopping next trip.  There were so many more ice sculptures that we did not show you.   All are beautiful, especially with Colorado sunshine on them.   We hope you visit Cripple Creek next February for the 2 week ice festival.   It is wonderful.


6 thoughts on “Ice Festival in Cripple Creek, Colorado with Colorado Traveling Ducks

  1. Those ice sculptures are amazing! Every year around Christmas our town has a festival. There used to be an ice sculptor there making things on the street. I loved watching him sculpt the ice into something creative with his chainsaw. He wasn’t there last year and I really missed it!

    • I hope he or a replacement, return next winter. We love to watch them form the sculptures. Starting with chain saws and working with progressively smaller tools to show such details. We really enjoy the ice.

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