A UFO Watchtower in Hooper, Colorado with Zeb the Duck

I, Zeb the Duck, am taking some humans south from Denver into the San Luis Valley.  We will explore this area for a few days.   The San Luis Valley was settled by Ute Indians, Spanish explorers and people from Mexico.   The oldest city in Colorado is here.   The San Luis Valley is a high desert, with the San Juan Mountains to the west and the Sangre Cristo Mountains to the east.   To enter the valley, we needed to cross a mountain pass.   Hooper, Colorado is our first stop.   We are visiting the UFO Watchtower.   Let’s go in.

Let’s visit the UFO Watchtower

Driving onto the property, we are not sure where to go.

Helpful alien

But directional help is here.   We have arrived at the UFO Watchtower.

Garden, tower and gift shop

You can see the garden, the gift shop and the UFO Watchtower.   Here is the garden.

The Garden

The sign explains about the two vortex that are to be here.   A vortex being the way to a parallel universe.   I am making new friends today.

A new friend

There are many things left in the garden, we take a long time to look at everything.   Well, look at this.

An older relative

An older relative of mine.   He now lives here in Hooper, Colorado.   He seems happy.  But I see more potential new friends.

More new friends

These two are very nice to me.   Well, let’s head to the tower stairs.

Friends everywhere

Here is Sasquatch.   I met him on the Alaska Highway this spring.   We are already friends.   He assures me that I will enjoy the tower.


Wait.   Abductions?   Really?  But the humans continue up the stairs.   On the tower, we enjoy the view.

View from UFO Watchtower

We do not see UFOs, but we do have a nice view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.   We stay here awhile, just enjoying the view of the valley.  Going back down, we talk with Judy Messoline, the lady that started and owns the UFO Watchtower.   She is great and has fascinating stories.   The gift shop has many newspaper articles about UFO sightings and about Judy and about the UFO Watchtower.   Time for us to leave.

Farewell to our green friends

This nice alien watches us go.   I think he looked right at me.   Whether you believe in aliens and UFO or not, this is an interesting place to visit.   We hope you stop to see things here.   Maybe Memorial Day weekend, the end of May 2020, for her 20th anniversary celebration.


Roswell, New Mexico

Zeb, the Duck here.  Mom and I went to Roswell, New Mexico.  Roswell is a nice town, pretty far from everything but mom did not tell me everything.  There might be aliens in Roswell.

Many people in Roswell believe that the morning of July 4, 1947 one or more alien spacecraft crashed here near Roswell.  It was a rainy morning, so visibility was low.  Many people believe one or more UFOs crashed that morning and that some aliens died in the crash.



The United States government removed the debris and the official story was that one or more weather balloons crashed.  To this day, there is no agreement about what happened in July 1947.  As a duck, I have no idea what happened, but I believe everything is possible.

In Roswell we toured the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

International UFO Museum and Research Center

International UFO Museum and Research Center

I liked the museum.  There was a lot of material to read and also a display of aliens with lights that flashed.  I, Zeb the Duck like to see different things and this museum had different things.



In one room mom found this statement from a former United States astronaut.  He seems pretty sure that UFOs did crash in Roswell.

Did UFOs crash in 1947?

Did UFOs crash in 1947?

Visit www.roswellufomuseum.com for more information about this museum.

Many businesses in Roswell have signs and merchandise relating to UFOs.  Even McDonald’s has a green alien on their sign.

McDonald's and aliens

McDonald’s and aliens

I like the idea of aliens visiting Roswell.

Even though a big part of Roswell’s identity involves aliens, I want to be sure that you know Roswell is a real town with schools, hospitals, theaters, parks and all the things other cities have.  I hope you visit Roswell and tell me what you think about the aliens.  Were they there?  Are they still there?  What do you think, or do you even care about an event 66 years ago?  I love to hear from humans.

Roswell is on highway 285 about 100 miles north of the Texas state line.  For more information visit www.seeroswell.com