Colorado Traveling Ducks Find an Automated Toilet

Walking across the International Bridge from Juarez, Mexico into El Paso, Texas, we immediately encountered these automated toilets.

Automated toilets

Most directions are in English, Spanish and Braille, for the blind.  This is our first post about a toilet, but this is something you all have to see.   First press the open button on the outside of the toilet building.   Enter the bathroom, and then press the button to close.

Push button to open and close door

This also locks the door, preventing unwanted visitors.   Just remember this is the same button you will later press to leave the rest room.    Next, if wanted, press this button to lower the toilet seat.

Ladies like toilet seat down

This is important as ladies like the seat down, and a previous occupant may have been a male that needed the seat  up.   When needed, press this button.

Push button for toilet paper

Toilet paper will be dispensed for you.   Now you are finished, but there is no button to flush.   What to do?

Will flush after washing hands

No problem.   After washing your hands, the toilet will flush for you.   To wash your hands, hold them under the writing.

Wash and dry hands here

First to get soap on your hands.   Then move to get water.   Then hands further to the right for hand drying.   Everything is very automated.   All you ever need to touch is buttons.   Remember, the button to exit is the same button you used to lock the door.   Walk out.

After a few seconds door will automatically close

The door will close in a few seconds.   This is the most automated bathroom we have ever seen.   However, there must be more of them around in the US and the rest of the world.   Anybody know of any?