Enjoying the Alaska Highway in the Canadian Yukon

On the road again.   We are on vacation, so there are no alarm clocks and no early morning rush to leave.   Shortly after leaving Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory, we saw one of the stars of our trip.

Bear along the road

This bear was walking along the side of our road.   Our moms said he is a rock star.   He knew we were there, of course, but he did not look at us.   We stopped the Jeep and watched him walk at a steady pace, completely ignoring us.   He would get pretty far ahead of us, we would drive to him, and never an acknowledgement.   We just loved him.   Later, this rest area caught our attention.   This is Kluane River View point.

So pretty

Stop to admire the river was so necessary.   Also at this stop, there was a sign about caribou.   Caribou are similar to reindeer, but these were some facts we did not know.   Be sure to read the last sentence.

Sign says it better than mom

Moving tendons make that much noise???  Amazing.   Lake Kluane also made us stop.

Kluane Lake

This road trip is about seeing unspoiled nature, with very few other humans around.   So we stopped often.   Later, a small building with a nearby huge Canadian flag waving in the breeze.

Canadian flag

Of course entering the building was another must do for us.

Tachal Dhal Visitor’s Center

This is Tachal Dhal, or Sheep Mountain.   Again, the sign says it best.

Sheep Mountain

We love to watch Dall Sheep, but it was not to happen today.   The lady at the center, said it was getting warm enough (but still need jackets for humans) that the sheep moved to the other, higher, mountains.   We looked.

Sheep Mountain

Nice mountain, but no sheep here today.   Did you notice that the sign is written in English and in French.   That was the normal for most signs we saw in Canada.   Driving through unspoiled scenery with very few other cars is peaceful and beautiful.   But, you can guess, this was one of the most welcome sights along the road.

Always a welcome sight

And all were very clean and well maintained.   Thanks Yukon Territory!


Wildlife Sanctuary in Colorado

Lions and tigers and bears, oh yes.  Sunday we all went to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado.  It was wonderful.  We saw so many wild animals and none of them in small cages.  It was great—and safe.

Wildlife Sanctuary with JB Duck, Soapy Duck and Zeb Duck

Wildlife Sanctuary with JB Duck, Soapy Duck and Zeb Duck

This wildlife sanctuary provides homes and care for rescued wild animals.  They seem to have mostly lions, tigers,

Lounging Tiger

Lounging Tiger

bears, and wolfs.

Wolf at rest

Wolf at rest

But we also saw a camel and several llamas.

After arriving and paying the admission fee, we paid $15 per adult; we walked on the elevated walkway.  The walkway is about a mile long.  We looked down on the animals.  The animals have areas of several acres to roam.  With people above them the animals are not afraid, nor were we.  The animal areas have balls, water areas, structures the animals may climb and tunnels in the ground.

These animals have all been rescued from abusive situations.

Bear happy at home

Bear happy at home

The animals have never lived in the wild and they never will.  These formerly caged animals do not have the survival instincts of the wild animals.  This is their final home.

Tiger enjoying a meal

Tiger enjoying a meal

The Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to visit and learn how the animals live and play.

This lion was one of 25 rescued from Bolivian zoos.  He is inside, but his door is open.  Shortly after this photo he went outside again.  Freedom he never knew before coming to the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Lion rescued from Bolivia.  Is he talking to us??

Lion rescued from Bolivia. Is he talking to us??

We three Colorado Traveling Ducks thought it was great and we believe that you will enjoy visiting here.  Please visit www.wildanimalsanctuary.org   To learn about this Wildlife Sanctuary and see the amazing photos and stories available.

We 3 ducks hope to see you here soon.

We 3 ducks hope to see you here soon.

This is a wonderful place for people and for animals that had been without hope before being rescued.  Please visit and tell all your friends.